Podcast Ep 52: Holiday Etiquette Edition

By Team Mash-Up

What would Mariah do?

Dear Mash-Up America: Holiday Etiquette Edition

We have officially kicked off Holiday Season 2017 and Ye Olde Inbox at yo@mashupamericans.com is blowing up! So many parties, so many people meeting OPP (other people’s people) for the first time, so many questions. Lots of potentially awesome, potentially awkward situations. So this week, we’re playing advice columnists. We invited our friend and Black-Queer-Christian Mash-Up R. Eric Thomas, an award-winning playwright and humorist whose work you know from Elle.com, to answer your etiquette questions with us. Will we all avoid a Get Out situation? We can only hope. And if you’ve got more questions, find us! @mashupamerican on all the socials.

R. Eric Thomas On Black Church:

Need A Soundtrack For The Holidays? We Gotchu.

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