Podcast Ep 31: Today, We Are Grateful

By Team Mash-Up

Featuring Roben Farzad, who reminds us that we create our own happiness.

Photo courtesy Roben Farzad

Today, We Are Grateful 

This Thanksgiving, we remember that we stand on the shoulders of giants: Our immigrant parents, grandparents, and beyond. So how we live lives worthy of their sacrifices, while still being true to ourselves? Our Iranian-Jewish-American immigrant Mash-Up Roben Farzad, creator and host of the podcast Full Disclosure, has some surprising answers for us, and a whole lotta insight on how to create your own happiness while doing so.  For more on Roben, check out his bubbemeise and more here!

Young Roben’s Iranian Passport Photo:

Roben Farzad On His Father:

My dad was very much weakened in this country. In Iran he was a celebrated doctor, and when he came to the United States, he was going off to Kaplan classes to try to learn English. He really did not have the “luxury” of holding my hand and easing me gingerly into the American experience.

Roben’s Miami Days

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