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“The show has a decidedly upbeat feel, but it has also tried to absorb what kind of America exists in the Trump era. It goes far beyond politics and to the core of what it means to straddle different worlds.”


 “The Mash-Up Americans’ fresh take on identity is making it a must-listen podcast.”

“You should listen to The Mash-Up Americans…[they] are Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer, and their podcast celebrates different expressions of what it means to be American.”

“If you put “baby names,” “Korean skin care,” and “Passover desserts” into a Venn diagram, there’d be only one place where the circles would overlap: a podcast called The Mash-Up Americans.”

“They will stop at nothing to understand every aspect of the mash-up phenomenon. That insatiable quest for truth is enthralling. It’s inspiring. And to be honest, it’s thoroughly addicting.”

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