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From our position at the frontlines of a multiethnic, multicultural, and multidimensional America, we partner with clients to help them understand and strategically engage the fast-growing and increasingly influential Mash-Up Americans.

Cultural Insights & Analysis

We metabolize trends at the intersection of culture, lifestyle, and choice to help you understand this diverse and complex demographic. We provide of-the-moment white papers as well as custom research.


Content Creation

We produce original content, including web, interactive, video and live events, to help you engage authentically with your audience through a mash-up lens.


Business Strategy

We advise your company’s thought leaders on how to shape strategy, generate new business, and cultivate a voice that speaks to your customers and positions you for growth.

Our editorial brings Mash-Up to the world.               Our business brings the world to Mash-Up.


A team, led by co-founders Rebecca Lehrer and Amy S. Choi, of smart and savvy strategic thinkers, cultural leaders, and editorial innovators who are defining what it means to be Mash-Up Americans. Collectively, we have 20+ years of experience in arts, design, business and journalism.


The Mash-Up Americans defines and curates an experience that millions of dash-Americans are living. We help our clients understand who Mash-Up Americans are and the cultural nuances and subtleties behind the lifestyle choices of people who live in a hybrid culture.


people are in interfaith marriages


of Millennials are non-white 


growth in people who identify as mixed-race since 2000

We understand this audience.                                         We are this audience.


Amy S. Choi, co-founder of The Mash-Up Americans, spoke at the Potion Design salon series about the importance of telling your story, actively listening, and building empathy through the act of conversation.



“Thanks to The Mash-Up Americans, in 3 minutes and 56 seconds I got to take in what I, a Colombian kid from Queens, has accomplished. It wasn’t just a bird’s eye view into my career, which has been done before. It put my LIFE in perspective.”

— DJ Rob Swift, hip hop pioneer

“Amy’s insights, collaborative thinking, and deft field reporting in places ranging from Bhutan to Kenya made it possible for us to craft a new model for modern leadership and strategy in The Athena Doctrine.

— John Gerzema, chairman & CEO of BAV Consulting and internationally bestselling author

“The Mash-Up Americans gets it. It’s got a firm grasp on the sea change taking place in the way we identify ourselves. Mash-Up understands that change is an invitation, an open door that we’d be foolish not to enter.”

— Elissa Strauss, editor at The Jewish Daily Forward

“Rebecca is someone you want on your team. For someone with such social ease and top notch communication skills, she’s deeply methodical, strategic and analytical. We worked together to build audience and develop an innovative business opportunity.”

— Ellen Horne, executive producer, Radiolab/WNYC New York Public Radio


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