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Image Description: Photo of a Mexican American woman seated at her work desk and leaning forward while smiling at the camera. She has layered brown hair that rests below her shoulders and wears jeans, a sleeveless navy blue shirt, and silver earrings. The shelf behind her holds framed photographs, artwork, and books. On her desk is a nameplate that reads “Who runs the world? Girls.” Photo Credit: Columbia Spectator, Michael Cao

Posted by Jhaleh Akhavan
Jhaleh Akhavan (she/they) is an artist and audio producer who loves listening for what’s real, what’s possible, and what’s already whole - through art, writing, audio, plant medicine, macro and micro cosmos, and other forms of living history. Jhaleh has worked as an audio producer with various podcasts and oral history projects, and has also facilitated audio documentary and community archiving workshops for storytellers of all ages.