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[Image Description: Photo of a child standing on a stage with a microphone in front of them and their hands clasped behind their back. They are standing beneath a spotlight with their back to the camera as they face the front of the stage. They have short, dark curly hair, and they are wearing a pale blue shirt, red shorts, and sneakers. The rest of the image is dark.] Photo Credit: June Street Productions

Posted by Jhaleh Akhavan
Jhaleh Akhavan (she/they) is an artist and audio producer who loves listening for what’s real, what’s possible, and what’s already whole - through art, writing, audio, plant medicine, macro and micro cosmos, and other forms of living history. Jhaleh has worked as an audio producer with various podcasts and oral history projects, and has also facilitated audio documentary and community archiving workshops for storytellers of all ages.