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Mash-Up Round-Up: What We All Can Do

We all can do something.
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The week of March 14, 2020 was a clusterf**k! End of story. 

Fam, we love you so much. We hope you are staying safe and taking care of yourselves and taking care of each other — and we have faith that we can always do both. Let’s keep our hands washed, our hearts open, our minds creative, and bellies full of as much Chinese food as possible. Gloria Gaynor says we will survive, and we will! Below is our list of tips and to-dos to get through this very wild time.

Order Chinese food 

Viruses may be the only things in the world that actually do not see race; but racist politicians  and inflammatory media are hurting small Asian American businesses across the country. So shop at your local Korean corner store; tip extra at the nail salon; order in your weekly noodles and dumplings. #Resistance was never easier.

Check in on elderly and vulnerable neighbors 

Knock on a door. Make a call. See if people have the groceries and medicines and supplies they need. People may be grateful or they may be grumpy — but we’re Mash-Ups, we’re used to a grumpy, bossy elder. They still need our help.

Donate to food banks and soup kitchens

With so many public schools closing, essential meals and services for kids from low-income families also dry up. Let’s make sure they and all others who need a hot meal can get it. Find a food bank here, or call your local soup kitchen to see what they need and how you can donate.

Read Poetry

Our art will save us! And so will the art of our predecessors. Especially if you buy it at your local indie. Spring is just around the corner.

Rumi said,  There is no proof of the soul.

But isn’t the return of spring and how it

springs up in our hearts a pretty good hint?

— Mary Oliver, from “Whistling Swans”

Listen to everything you’ve always wanted to listen to

Our friends at The Sporkful are always a fave. Cry with us and learn more about our national treasure, Dolly. And we told you Frank Shyong would be a star. And if you need a special dose of inspo, we’re super proud of Sunstorm, hosted by Alicia Garza and Ai-jen Poo, all about women shining a light in this chaotic storm.

Watch everything you’ve always wanted to watch

The Farewell! Coco! Queen Sugar! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Gentefied! 13th! American Factory! The entire Bong Joon-ho catalogue! And if you’re feeling apocalyptic … a little Train to Busan never hurt anyone.

Stay in touch

We may be social distancing for our physical health and safety and that of our community, but we need our connections more than ever. Write to us, at yo@mashupamericans.com. Write to your family. Write to your friends. Text. Facetime. Zoom. All the things. (But try to limit Twitter. That place is … sometimes not great.) We’re in this together!

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