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We’re your guide to hyphen-America. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of mash-up identity as we figure it out ourselves. We live on the frontlines of this unique and wonderful multi-everything place, and we want to talk about it — all the things we love, struggle with, and need to understand.

This is what Mash-Up America looks like: a wedding with a mandap and a chuppah, a kitchen where heirloom chopsticks and grandma’s cornbread recipe sit side-by-side, a meeting of parents who don’t speak the same language, a baby whose name contains multitudes, a date where you find yourself explaining that what you look like is only part of who you are.


We produce The Mash-Up Americans podcast and curate must-read stories in our weekly newsletter. Here on our website, we publish original stories that tackle everything from guilt to galbi.

We also work with select clients who want to create and distribute content that speaks to Mash-Up America in an authentic, meaningful way. Learn more about our client work here or drop us a line at yo@mashupamericans.com.

Oh yeah, and we’ve gotten some sweet press.


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Amy is co-founder and editorial director of The Mash-Up Americans. A Korean-American married to a Colombian-Mexican-American, she is mom to two feisty Korombexican-Americans: in other words, The Future of America. She has worked for 15+ years as a journalist and editor in New York and her work has appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Women’s Wear Daily, Inc., TED, and Salon, among other publications. She specializes in getting people to tell stories they never expected to share. She earned degrees in journalism and poetry writing at Northwestern University. You can follow her on Twitter @awesomechoi and find her in Brooklyn, where her kitchen is always stocked with limes, kimchi, rice and beans, and Spam.


Rebecca is co-founder and chief executive of The Mash-Up Americans. A Salvadoran-Jewish-American married to a woke white dude, she has the world’s most adorable baby and has worked for 10+ years in media, arts, and culture, particularly focusing on the shared cultural experiences that bring people together. As director of business development at New York Public Radio, Rebecca helped transform a leading radio station group into a multi-platform media company by engaging audiences where they live: on their phones, in their communities, and at live events. She earned an MBA at the Yale School of Management and read a lot of Virginia Woolf at Columbia University. You can follow her on Twitter at @beccale and find her in Los Angeles, where she’s never out of hummus, hot sauce, and olives.


We tap a deep, diverse network of collaborators — including producers, writers, editors, audio engineers, and social media pros — to create amazing content for our clients and for our own platforms.


We accept applications for interns on a rolling basis. You must be a current student and have an interest in at least one of the following areas: podcast production, social media, writing/editing, business development, or graphic design. Please also be smart, friendly, and willing to share your favorite recipes/Keanu Reeves gifs in Slack.

Some internships may be able to be done remotely. If you live in New York City or Los Angeles, you can join us for some IRL meetings and projects. Want in? Fill out our internship application and we’ll be in touch with you soon.