Podcast Ep 6: Clickear Here

By Team Mash-Up

Spanglish is our best language.

Photo credit: Rebecca Lehrer

Clickear Here 

One in 10 people in the U.S. speaks Spanish at home. What happens when they mash with the rest of America? On today’s episode, una conversacion con Ilan Stavans, the world’s expert in Spanglish. Mexican-Jewish-American Mash-Up Stavans is a professor of Latin American and Latino culture at Amherst College. ¡Vamos!

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To honor the conversation, we surveyed our Mash-Ups for their favorite Spanglish words and phrases. Without further ado: the beginning of our Mash-Up Spanglish Glossary. Got any to add? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter, or email us!


v. To check


v. To chill


n. A Computer

Dame ride

Give me a ride


v. Disoriented


adj. Fucked up; intense; serious


v. To watch, television or people.


n. Watchman or guard


v. To google


v. To hangout

Ici Crema / Aiscrim

n. Ice cream

Ir de chopping

To go shopping


v. To like (on Facebook)


n. the mall


v. To park


v. To print

Que cool

adj. How cool

 Que nice

adj. How nice

Quiero ver una movie

I want to see a movie


v. To type

Tengo que ir a la office.

I need to go the office


n. A truck

Special thanks to Salvadoran-Jewish-American married to a Dominican-American living in Shanghai prima Maya Guttfreund for helping us put this together!

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