8 Black-Owned Beauty Brands For Black Women

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Bye, Shea Moisture.
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Black hair is A Big Deal. And Black and brown women are constantly seeking out brands that both work and speak to the community. So what happens when a titan of the Black beauty industry excludes its audience of color from its advertising? Well, it gets roasted by the internet and we create lists like this one. Lesson: Never ignore Mash-Up America. We got coin, and you want us to spend it on you. Our Thick-and-Boujee-American Mash-Up Rasheda Abdullah breaks it down. 

As a member of the natural hair community, there are certain items I swear by. The brand that stood the test of time and whose shampoos, conditioners, masks, and gels line just about every shelf of my hair cabinet is Shea Moisture. After searching high and low for something I could call my own, I finally found a brand crafted and created just for me. Imagine that, a company caring enough about Black hair to make affordable products that actually work.

Alas, Shea Moisture’s recent advertising campaign ventured into the sunken place of Black-owned brands — whitewashing. In trying to welcome fairer and pale-skinned sisters into the fold (that’s my most generous interpretation) the company excluded and disregarded the kinky-haired Black and brown women who have made Shea Moisture a business success.

But Shea Moisture isn’t the only brand whose products were…ahem… are for Black women. There are plenty of Black-owned beauty and hair brands that offer amazing items to help us win the fight against frizz, breakage, and dryness. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. TGIN (Thank God I’m Natural)

Photo courtesy TGIN

The proof is in the name. Founded by Chris-Tia Donaldson, this brand is all about supporting and honoring Black hair and Black excellence.

2. The Lip Bar

Photo courtesy Lip Bar

When you go to the website and see all shades of melanin, you know The Lip Bar is the real deal. With amazingly rich lippies and lipsticks in hard to find shades that look great on a variety of skin tones, they have quality products made just for us.

3. Black Radiance

Photo courtesy Black Radiance

This company’s message to their customers is, “Love your shade of beauty.” I am here for it! With makeup for all shades of Black and brown skin, it is a perfectly affordable option for women of color who want to support Black businesses.

4. Miss Jessie’s

Photo courtesy Miss Jessie’s

The sister duo that is Miko and TiTi launched their hair care line in 2004 and haven’t looked back. Miss Jessie’s, named after their grandmother, is a go-to natural hair care brand.

5. curlBox

Photo courtesy curlBox

Box subscription services are all the rage right now in beauty. If you like getting trial-sized samples of different products each month, curlBox will send you some of the best out there for naturally curly hair. Founded by Myleik Teele, it is a great way to discover products formulated for naturals.

6. Jane Carter Solution

Photo courtesy Jane Carter Solution

This is another tried and true brand in the natural hair community. In production since 1992, Jane Carter’s goal was to create chemical-free products for the natural-haired woman. Needless to say, she did just that.

7. Entwine Couture

Photo courtesy Entwine Couture

The raw + vegan formula that dominates this product line promotes healthy hair. Entwine is all about keeping the hair hydrated and promises to leave your tresses soft, bouncy, defined and strong; all without build up. Sounds good to me.

8. Taliah Waajid

Photo credit Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid has everything from co-washes to curly creams. They are extremely affordable too, so if you are looking to save some money, it’s a great option on a budget.

Supporting Black business is paramount to the continued advancement of our community. And when it comes to hair, who better to make products for Black women than Black entrepreneurs?

Rasheda is a freelance writer specializing in creating content about fashion, entertainment, pop culture and social issues. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her West Coast vibe has a hint of Southern charm, courtesy of Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @thecurvygirldiva and Twitter @curvygirldiva.

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