Podcast Ep 20: Becoming American

Photo credit: Rebecca Lehrer
What Americans looks like.
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Becoming American

At Mash-Up HQ, we always try to remember to be grateful: We didn’t have to cross any borders, take any tests, or prove in any way that we belong here. We were lucky enough to be born American. We are American. But what does it mean to become American?

In this episode, Rebecca + Amy visit a naturalization ceremony in LA; take a citizenship test on air to see if AP US History had any lasting impact; and get deep on what it means to make America your home with Mia Lehrer, an acclaimed landscape architect with Jewish and Salvadoran roots who chose to become a citizen after decades in the U.S. Also? She’s Rebecca’s mom.


Check out our images from the day these beautiful people became American.

Love the music on our podcast? Us too. So we’re giving you EXTRA JAMS! Check out our Yay America! Spotify playlist.

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