Best of The Mash-Up Americans Podcast 2017

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Here are some of our team’s favorite episodes of The Mash-Up Americans podcast from this year, so when you need a Mash-Up infusion this is a great place to start!

Ep. 34: You’re Gonna Marry Who? (1/31)
Featuring Anthonia Akitunde and Rebecca Pfiffner

Ep. 35: Lena Waithe On Being An Artist In The Time Of Trump (1/18)
Featuring Lena Waithe

Ep. 38: How To Save The World With Rhea Suh (2/28)
Featuring Rhea Suh

Ep. 39: Soledad O’Brien Sees All Sides (3/17)
Featuring Soledad O’Brien

Ep. 42: Are We All Immigrants? Nope. (4/28)
Featuring Sarah Eagle Heart

Ep. 43: Living In Sickness And In Health (5/11)
Featuring Suleika Jaouad

Ep. 49: The Secret Lives Of Our Immigrant Parents (10/30)
Featuring Brenda Gonzalez, Vanara Taing, and Vanny Pat

Ep. 50: Live In New York: Let’s Talk About Sex (11/14)
Featuring Ti Chang, Maeve Higgins, Sopan Deb, Tobin Low, and Travon Free

Ep. 51: What’s For San Giving? (11/20)
Featuring Francis Lam, Nishta Mehra, and Veena Mehra

Ep. 53: Enemy Territory (12/5)
Featuring Maz Jobrani and Bonnie Frumkin Morales

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