Podcast Ep 28: Sex, Relationships, And Asian Daters

Photo courtesy Esther Perel
Esther Perel gives us sex advice.
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Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s our favorite topic of all: Sex! Esther Perel, Flemish-Belgian-Jewish-American Mash-Up and world-renowned expert on sex and relationships, sits down with us to discuss fetishes, why Americans are terrible at flirting and why we’re obsessed with “productive” sex — and we’re not talking about making babies. Also discussed: Amy’s “First Asian Rule” and Esther’s tips for having the best sex of our lives. We’re here for you, fam.

Esther Perel, Mash-Up Sex and Relationships Expert

Esther in the studio, schooling us all.

Esther Perel On American Sexuality:

There is in America a puritanical streak. America has a troubled attitude with pleasure. America likes productivity. There’s a reason it’s a highly achieving country, it’s very pragmatic, and it applies pragmatism to eroticism. Hedonism and puritanism collide. Pleasure has to have a function here. It must be good for something to justify itself. The act of cultivating pleasure for its own sake is an un-American idea.

Mood Music. It’s Sexy Time.

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