Replay: The Mash-Up Oscars Special

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Let's go to the movies.
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The Mash-Up Movie Spectacular

It’s Oscars time! And we’re revisiting our Mash-Up Movie Spectacular. Last year, we had #Oscarssowhite. This year, we have “Moonlight,” “Hidden Figures,” and the most delightfully mashy additions to the Academy. So let’s celebrate our favorite Mash-Up movies of all time! The award for Best Portrayal of a Nerdy Latino goes to….

Favorite Mash-Up Movies EVER:

Rebecca’s Vote:

La Bamba (1987)

We dare you not to cry. And dance. 

Amy’s Vote:

Joy Luck Club (1993)

Do not pour soy sauce on your food.

June&Lena&Waverly&Rose photo from Angry Asian Man, Instagram
Photo from Angry Asian Man, Instagram

Best Portrayal of a Nerdy Latino:

Stand and Deliver (1988)

What IS calc-oo-lus?

Realest Portrayal of an Immigrant Dad:

Harold and Kumar (2004)

“Daddy isn’t coming on anything!”

Best Scene Introducing Your Meat-Loving Melting Pot Family to Your Vegetarian Boyfriend:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Lamb is vegetarian, right?

Best Barbershop Monologue! Best Mash-Up Monologue! Best Description of Mash-Up America and being an immigrant! Best defense of your name! Best Reason Why Queens is the true United Nations! Best Depiction of African Royalty!

Coming to America (1988)

Eddie. Is. Everything.

Lifetime Achievement:

Lou Diamond Phillips- You win all of the awards in our heart.

Screenshot La Bamba from Sony Pictures
Screenshot La Bamba from Sony Pictures

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