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Mash-Up Round-Up: What Kind Of Liar Are You?

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The unintentional kind?
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The week of April 8, 2017 was: discovering that our favorite movie — Steel Magnolias — is based on a real story; learning about different types of liars; and going to college as quadruplets.

Here are some resources for ways you might support victims of atrocities in Syria. Stay safe, fam.

Mash-Ups in the News:

China’s Hottest New Boy Band Is Actually Made Up Of Five Androgynous Girls

Acrush is the hottest new boy band in China. They are very “husband,” which is the phrase that superfans use to talk about male pop stars who they dream of marrying. They are also a bunch of girls. There’s so much to learn in this article about the search for androgynous stars and their appeal.

via Quartz

Our New Supreme Court Justice Refused To Meet With Women Senators of Color

Due to some ugly and short-sighted politics in the Senate, Neil Gorsuch will now sit on the Supreme Court forever. Literally, for the rest of his life and possibly ours. So, that’s the reality. But let us not forget that of the only 20 Senators he didn’t meet with, 4 were women of color. The only women of color in the Senate. A real coincidence!

via Slate

For Centuries, These Asian Recipes Have Helped New Moms Recover From Childbirth

Making babies is serious physical business, and yet here in the U.S., women are expected to just go right back to work. In contrast, Asian cultures have a history of giving the mom significant time to adjust and recover. This includes preparing wonderful postpartum stews and soups that are rich in calcium, iron and iodine and help fortify women to feed their babies and repair their bodies. Yes please! P.S. We have a fantastic recipe on our site for Amy’s Miyeok Guk.

via NPR

Sheriffs Make Money By Letting ICE Use Their Jails

Sheriffs in California are protesting the creation of Sanctuary cities. Why? It turns out they are making huge amounts of money by renting their jails to ICE.

 via California Political Review

Brazil’s New Problem With Blackness

Brazil is the only country in the world as mashed-up as the U.S. Despite its pride in its mashiness, it’s also a nation built, much like ours, on the backs of indigenous people and slaves. The country is now confronting the serious issues of race, socioeconomic disparity, and what it means to be Black.

via Foreign Policy

Butter or Margarine? In Dunkin’ Donuts Lawsuit, Man Accepts No Substitutes

For some reason, this feels important. A man sued 23 Dunkin’ Donuts locations for using margarine or another substitute when he ordered butter. Also, there are butter-specific laws in Wisconsin. In other news, we do love butter.

via NY Times

YouTube Has A White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism Problem

Advertisers are ditching YouTube in droves because they were finding their ads rolling in front of insanely racist, anti-semitic garbage. The ads are distributed by algorithm to different content, so YouTube has to figure out what kind of moderating they are going to put in practice so that their ads-based business model doesn’t crumble.

 via Tablet

Which Racial Terms Make You Cringe?

Minority? Person of Color? Caucasian? Unconscious Bias? We are all looking for ways to best express ourselves, but sometimes the words we have just don’t do it. Readers responded to a New York Timescall for racial terms that make you cringe and it’s really fascinating to read because we don’t all agree. And we love that!

via NY Times

Attractive Lives Matter! The Pepsistance Has Begun

The internet gods were in top form this week with the arrival of the worst ad of all time from Pepsi. This is definitely what happened in a meeting there: Oh hey we’re targeting young people! Our data shows us that young people love Kendall Jenner and are becoming politically active! Also, diversity! Let’s put them all together! Enjoy reviews hereand here.

via ELLE

Inspo of the Week:

These High School Journalists Investigated A New Principal’s Credentials. Days Later, She Resigned.

The teenagers will save us from ourselves! Despite being discouraged to do so, a group of high school journalists challenged their new principal’s credentials, which were extremely dubious. She then resigned. Thank you teens of this world for being unafraid to challenge authority!

via Washington Post

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