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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Scam Of Body Positivity

Be this happy with your body. Or not! It's okay!
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The week of June 16, 2018 was hanging out between 2 ferns with Cardi BQUEER EYE IS BACK; and this is what happens to our bodies when we even think about The Whole 30. Oh and we have been listening to this 1996 mix on Spotify and it’s precisely what we needed.

1400+ Immigrant Boys Are Being Housed In A Former Walmart

It’s something out of a dystopian novel. Hundreds of boys, as young as ten, are being detained in Casa Padre, a “tent city” made within a converted Walmart. Separated from their families and held in prison-like conditions, these children are the Trump Administration’s self-inflicted crisis, and it’s reprehensible. Period.

You can help: Check out these resources by Action Network and the NY Times, or donate with us to RAICES to help bring these families back together.


Sarah McBride: ‘Queer To Me Is Not Just My Identity. It’s An Action.’

“For anyone who’s feeling alone, who’s feeling scared, that no matter the conversation around the dinner table, no matter the bullying they face on the playground, that there are millions of people ― transgender people, LGBTQ people, and allies ― who see them, who love them and who are fighting every single day to make sure that they’re treated with the dignity and fairness that every person deserves. That they’re never truly alone, that we are all with them in every moment.”

via Huffington Post

Which World Cup Team Should You Root For?

Do you root for the underdogs or the powerhouses? A close game or an annihilation? Or, do you stick with the team that feels most like home? It’s World Cup time again, and there’s nothing like fútbol — the world’s most mashy sport — to bring us back to our roots.

via Five Thirty Eight

South Koreans Are Still Hopeful After The Trump-Kim Summit

The Bachelorette was interrupted last Monday for a different ceremony: The meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. The summit has come and gone, but while American pundits reacted with scorn, people in South Korea were just relieved to have a meeting with a little less warmongering rhetoric. One phrase pretty much sums up the emotion: “잘될 것 같아요”—“I think it’ll work out.” Meanwhile, the real winner of the summit wasn’t even present.

via New Yorker

We Endorse: The New Mr. Rogers Documentary

Mr. Rogers is the GOAT. Kind, empathic, curious, and always willing to grow and learn, he modeled inclusivity and respect. This new documentary is produced by Mash-Up Jonathan Ma (Yo-Yo’s son) who used to appear on the show and grew up thinking of Mr. Rogers as his tio. Then again, so did we.

via Los Angeles Times

Being Black In America Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

In segregated cities, the life-expectancy gap between African Americans and whites is as much as 20 YEARS. Racism takes away years from real lives, and we can’t consider the disparity of health problems without considering the disparity of environmental and social forces.

via The Atlantic

When Spanish Names (Don’t) Flummox English-Speaking Baseball Announcers

César (SAY-sar) Hernández, Tony Pérez (PAY-rez) — This season in Major League Baseball, players have so many Spanish surnames, names that can theoretically can be tricky for English-speaking announcers to get right. “Even if I don’t get it 100 percent correct, the players appreciate the effort,” says one announcer. If 71 year-old Dan Baker can put in the time, so can middle-school teachers and diploma presenters.

via NY Times

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores

“Mom, I’m going to help you do everything.”

      –  A real thing said by an actual child

Studies show that kids of indigenous families in Mexico and Guatemala are helpful. They don’t have to be nagged to do chores — they want to do them. Without. Being. Asked. Parents across America better pay attention, and take advantage of those acomedido toddler years.

via NPR

Body Positivity Is A Scam

We want everyone to love their bodies, but it’s not your fault if you don’t! Brands like Dove have headed the “Body Positivity” train, replacing conventionally attractive size zero models with even more conventionally attractive models who have…fuller hips? A single roll of fat?

via Racked

2018 Tony Awards: Marjory Stoneman Douglas Drama Club Performs “Seasons of Love”

The opening chords for “Seasons of Love” played, and three spotlights shown on the drama kids of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Cue the chills. Cue the tears. This stunning performance was the highlight of the night, honoring their hero of a drama teacher, Melody Herzfeld.

via CBS News

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