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Mash-Up Round-Up: Aziz’s Dating Research, Lowriders & Maxi-Pad Revolutions

All my friends drive a lowrider. Yours?
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The week of March 7, 2014: we ate infinity pounds of meat and beans, learned about arranged marriages from Aziz Ansari & about a man changing the world one maxi pad at a time (but really). Oh, and as always, LUPITA.

Mash-Ups In The News:

‘Has Anyone had an arranged marriage? How did that go?’ Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romantics” Subreddit is Hilarious, Yet Heartwarming

Aziz Ansari asks brilliant and honest questions about dating and relationships. People answer them. You will go down an internet wormhole for hours.

via Reddit

Chinese, On the Inside

Big Questions: who are you and where are you from? Two girls, about the same age, were adopted from China by a lesbian couple in Portland, Maine. One identifies as Chinese, the other doesn’t. Obviously this is interesting.

via NY Times

The Indian Sanitary Pad Revolutionary

Mr. Murunganantham is a school dropout who was trying to understand why the women in his life (poor women in India) were using crazy archaic methods to deal with their period, oh…and now he has completely revolutionized women’s health.

via BBC News

The New Jews of LA: Meet LA’s Mayor – Part Latino, Part Italian, Part Native American, Part Jew

Eric Garcetti, one of our Mash-Up Role Models, says he’s a “Jew with little guilt”… He thinks that between his Catholic father & Jewish mother the guilt cancelled out. This is part of a series on exploring Jewish identity in the wild west.

via Haaretz

Low Riders and Chicano Soul

“A big part of lowriding is pride”. Art Meza wrote a book about Lowriding culture around the world. Gentrification, culture, identity, learning, pride…get on it.

via KCRW

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