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Mash-Up Round-Up: Choose Your Own Identity

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Free to be you.
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The week of December 19, 2015 was: Some kind of space movie, lusting after rainbow bagels, a Brandy and Destiny’s Child mash-up, and why American Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas. Did ya hear, British teeth aren’t so bad? Baby, it’s (not) cold outside.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Why Elderly Asian Immigrants Can’t Get Proper Mental Health Care

On top of the cultural resistance to mental health care in the Asian American community, it’s very hard to find resources that understand the needs of elders when it comes to language, diet and cultural nuances. Add to that the deep obligation many feel to provide caregiving for their aging grand/parents and it gets complicated indeed.

via Buzzfeed

What Americans Are Doing At Any Given Hour

Damn, we work hard. We talk a lot about all the different identities and cultures that make up America but we also definitely share the same schedule. Like being up by 6:30 a.m. and going to bed by 11 p.m.!

via Flowing Data

“I Am First and Foremost an American.”

Fareed Zakaria speaks so much truth about being a non-practicing Muslim and immigrant, and how he’s appalled by Trump’s bigotry not as a Muslim, but as an American.

via CNN

Choose Your Own Identity

“I can’t tell my sons what to feel: more white than Asian, more Asian than white, neither, both.”

via New York Times

A Canadian Start-Up Is Bottling Air From the Rockies And Selling It to China

In China, fresh air is such a luxury that people are buying it from Canadian geniuses/a-holes who are selling 2-gallon jars for roughly the equivalent of $15 U.S. — that’s 50 times as much as a bottle of mineral water. It’s like that time Whole Foods tried to sell Americans $6 asparagus water, but so much worse.

via The Telegraph

Afro-Mexicans Are Finally Recognized in Mexico’s National Census

Hi, this is a big deal: 1.2 percent of the Mexican population (1.4 million people!) are people with significant African heritage. That’s a lot of people who weren’t ever acknowledged before.

via Quartz

Will the Immigrant Stories on Mainstream TV Find More Nuance?

We are so excited about Master of None and Fresh Off the Boatrepresenting the immigrant experience with humor and care and panache and we are even more excited that with more stories means more variety and hopefully nuance.

via NPR

The First Black Trans Model Had Her Face On a Box of Clairol

Tracey Africa is stunning. She’s tall and slim, has amazing cheekbones and gorgeous hair, and is a transgender woman who modeled for Balenciaga and Clairol in 1975. Until she was outed. She’s a hero and true trailblazer.

via New York Magazine

Are We In An Emoji Bubble? Let’s Ask Japan

Remember how Margaret Cho told us she was starting emojihad? Well, she’s not the only one! Apparently the INVENTORS of emojis are totally over them. Also, this is a really interesting piece on the history of emojis. The first ones were invented in 1997!

via Slate

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