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Mash-Up Round-Up: How Religions Spread

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One violent conquest at a time! JK!
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The week of July 18, 2015 was Amy Schumer sending sexy texts to Katie Couric’s husband; responding with courage to a messed up parking ticket; Clueless turns 20 and it’s important to remember that we were all once virgins who couldn’t drive; and the truest letter about marriage ever.

Eid Mubarak friends!

Mash-Ups in the News:

How Representative John Lewis Became the Hit of Comic-Con

Congressman Lewis was a Civil Rights leader, one of the leaders of the march in Selma and a great representative for many years. He’s also a comic book writer and he went to Comic Con last week and did some historical cosplay.

via Washington Post

Snapchat’s Live Stream of Mecca Hailed for Its Portrayal of Islam

Snapchat is doing an amazing series focusing on cities around the world, with local people creating them. It’s people snapping real life. Just last week there were fabulous ones of both the West Bank and Tel Aviv. Oh and LA.

via Buzzfeed

Groom Learns Bollywood Love Song for His Indian Bride at His Interfaith Wedding

Frank learned ‘Tum Hi Ho’, a Bollywood love song in Hindi, for his wife Simran at their wedding. Obviously everyone cried.

via Huffington Post

Caitlyn Jenner at ESPYs

We are all different, and that’s ok. CJ is taking her role as a leader seriously.

via Time

Stephen Colbert on South Carolina Taking Down Confederate Flag

“Critics have called it an unabashed symbol of racism, while for years defenders have called it a proud symbol of their heritage….of racism.” South Carolina native Colbert fake live broadcasts the lowering of the Confederate flag with his usual brilliance.

via The Late Show

Meet the Patels

We must all see this documentary about a 30-year-old Indian-American finding love, with his parents lighting a fire under his ass. It looks perfect.

via Apple

A Thai Surrogacy Case, With a 6-Month-Old Girl Caught in the Middle

A Spanish man and his American husband hired a Thai surrogate to have their baby. Now that woman, who did carry and birth the child but has no genetic relationship to it, wants to keep the baby. The future is complicated!

via NPR

20 Year Study Shows Kindergartners Who Play Nice Do Better in Life

We are glad that in our memories we were good at sharing and will attribute all of our success to this.

via KPCC

10 Cultural Food Blunders to Avoid While Traveling

Just pour people wine before you pour it for yourself. Also, important information about chopsticks and their placement in food.

via Yahoo Food

Emmys Getting Colorful

“And God, please do not withhold your blessings, even from hoes.” – Cookie Lyon

Go Taraji!

via LA Times

Transgender Navy Lieutenant: My Job Would be Easier if I Could Just Go to the Restroom

There are 15,500 active duty transgender service members. The military is starting to talk about how to support them (instead of firing them). One way? LET THEM GO TO THE BATHROOM OF THEIR CHOSEN GENDER.

via Fusion

El Chapo vs Trump

We really, really love this. Is El Chapo a murderous drug kingpin and likely horrible person? Yes. Is his escape incredible and do you want to watch the movie version of it? Duh. Are the tweets he’s apparently sending to Donald Trump telling him to watch his back kind of amazing? Definitely.

via Refinery 29

Transparent Creator Jill Soloway on Breaking Barriers in Hollywood

In the wonderful new #BriefButSpectacular series on PBS Newshour, Jill Soloway talks about about how the old adage was “Write Yiddish, Cast British” and her motto is “Write Yiddish, Cast Yiddish.”

via PBS

Map Shows how Religions Spread Around the World Over Time

Conflicts and conquests, my friends. Conflicts and conquests.

via Business Insider

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