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Mash-Up Round-Up: Hummus Crimes + Desus & Mero

There is no such thing as chocolate hummus.
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The week of February 8, 2020 was debating the right way to eat on a plane; making good use of our jade roller; cooking naked (no not really); and the rip heard around the world.

Desus & Mero Reflect on Their Ascent, Twitter’s Downfall, And The Moment They Quit Their Day Jobs

Professional culture commentators with too many projects to list, Desus and Mero talk on Twitter Fame (different from Real Fame), being comfortable with yourself and the way the world sees you, and letting your kids keep you humble.

via Esquire

Number Of Homeless Students Rises To New High

More than 1.5 million public school students in America experienced homelessness in the 2017-18 school year. The reasons for this rise are numerous, pointing to natural disasters, economic conditions, or even increased attention by teachers.

via NY Times

Billy Porter Delivers The LGBTQ State of the Union

Before some other State of the Union address could be given this week, Billy Porter stepped up and gave the LGBTQ State of the Union. This one features complete sentences.

via Colorlines

Inside The Massive, Elaborate Care Packages Filipinos Send Home

Better wages brought tens of millions of Filipinos overseas, but an extensive shipping network keeps them connected to those left behind. Bedding, chocolates, Korean instant noodles, sandals, and secondhand electronics — these care packages bring their love to their loved ones.

via California Sunday Magazine

Dee Rees And The Art Of Surviving As A Black Female Director

Say “No more ‘Green Book.’” Make and make until your work speaks for itself. Create whole new worlds rather than color in somebody else’s. Dee Rees is the director we can’t stop talking about.

via NY Times

The Ominous Rise Of Toddler Milk

When baby-formula sales start slumping, supplements for toddlers are the next frontier for formula companies. At this rate, Tween Milk, Teen Milk and Adult Milk are right around the corner. Pass.

via The Atlantic

Crimes Against Hummus-manity: Or Why Most Hummus In LA Is So Terrible

Hummus is all around us and most of it is an abomination. We’re looking at you, pumpkin spice hummus. An Iranian American Mash-Up and expert in traditional hummus breaks down what we’ve been missing.

via LA-Ist

BuzzFeed News Is Recruiting Teenagers To Make Election-themed TikTok And Instagram Videos

Y’all know any zoomers who are fluent in TikTok with a passion for political issues? We need their help.

via Nieman Lab

The New Coronavirus Is A Truly Modern Epidemic

Each epidemic holds a mirror to the society it affects. Coronavirus shows a connected world with growing isolationism and xenophobia, where misinformation spreads as fast as the virus.

via The Atlantic

A Small Bookstore Pondered Its Future After A Day Without A Sale. After A Tweet, It Was Flooded With Orders

On January 14th, the bookshop tweeted out…perhaps one of the saddest tweets we’ve seen. Thankfully, Twitter did its thing (with some help from Neil Gaiman) and this became the heartwarming story we NEED.

via Washington Post

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