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Mash-Up Round-Up: Yes, Asian American Women Dye Their Hair Blonde

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And sometimes brown and blue and purple. *Shrug.*
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The week of April 14, 2018 was The New York Times discovering Asian American women sometimes act like other women; celebrating our Unruly Bodies; and questioning all we ever knew about pandas. Also, we learned never to use a hand dryer ever again.

Cardi B’s Money Moves

Raised bilingual by Trinidadian & Dominican immigrant parents in the Bronx, Cardi B is navigating global stardom while staying true to her roots. In this interview she keeps it real, talking about her love of FDR, butt injections, and rappin’ with an accent.

via GQ

Why Gender Equality In The Workplace Is Not Enough

From seat belts to Google translate, innovations can be biased against those left out of the teams that made them. A lack of gender insight and representation creates innovation gaps with serious consequences, and those consequences will continue until women’s perspectives are heard.

via Forbes

The NFL’s Plan To Protect America From Witches

Witches are back to tempt innocent men with their wickedly seductive Instagram posts, but fear not! NFL management is here to protect our virtues and return America to its Puritan glory days. The hypocrisy of the NFL is too much.

via Guardian

Sandra Oh’s Been Waiting 30 Years For A Show Like Killing Eve

“Young Asian people who come up to me have a certain vibration, and I receive it, and I understand it, and I feel emotional just talking about it. I’m here for you. And I’ll continue doing everything I can to fill something that I know you need right now, that we don’t yet have as a community.”

As Cristina Yang (your favorite Grey’s Anatomy character), Sandra Oh became a household name, and the most mainstream, non-stereotypical Asian character on television.

via Vanity Fair

The Silence: The Legacy Of Childhood Trauma

In a piece of astonishing writing, Junot Diaz shares his #MeToo story, and the particular hurt of a Black Latinx man who was a child victim.

via New Yorker

A Psychological Explanation For The Appeal Of Karaoke

What’s better than belting “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on a Friday night? Doing it in public, surrounded by dozens of other (drunk) people singing along! Music connects us, and the endorphins and escapism of karaoke are a real thing. Stay tuned for the first annual Mash-Up K-Town Karaoke Night.

via Cut

How Muslims Are Thriving In America

Muslim communities in America live in a climate of hostility and animosity — but that can’t stop them from thriving. From the country’s first Spanish-language mosque in Houston, to the Bosnian Muslims of Chicago, what do the 3.45 million (and growing) U.S. Muslims look like?

via National Geographic

Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

“Never forget” is easier said than done. The memory of the Holocaust is fading, and while the voices and stories of survivors remain the best way to remember, the question must be asked: How do we continue to tell the witnesses’ stories once the witnesses are gone?

via New York Times

Homeless Girl Scouts Hold First Cookie Sale In Manhattan

Cancel your plans and head to Union Square ASAP. Girl Scout Troop 6000 is selling cookies from 2-4pm today, giving Girl Scouts without a delivery address the chance to join their friends in the Thin Mint fun.

via AM NY

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