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Mash-Up Round-Up: Korean Tween Dramas & Faking Broken English

We're not mad about couple-look.
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The week of August 11, 2014 was: gearing up to memorize the new Scrabble dictionary; becoming Spurs fans; falling down a wormhole of judgmental maps. Also, so many ice buckets.

Mash-Ups in the News:

What if My Roommates Smoke Pot on Shabbat?

Co-founder Rebecca goes all Dear Abby on an Orthodox woman in college who wants to know if she can still really be Jewish if she lives with non-Jews.

via Jewish Daily Forward

I’m Obsessed With Online Telenovelas for Korean Tweens

Who couldn’t watch 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice-like romantic dramas? No, seriously.

via Vice

Breaking Out the Broken English

Codeswitching, for a living: Jeopardy champ & voice actor Arthur Chu, a Chinese-American, speaks in Chinese accents for roles.

via NPR

Tales of Migration Explore Modern-Day Odysseys and ‘Hyphenated Identities’

Coming to America! This article could also be called: A Mash-Up Journey Through Books. Great book list, btw.

via NPR

How Children of Immigrants Will Sway Future Politics

These kids are basically the future of everything. In 2032,19.3 million citizen children born today to Latino & Asian immigrants will turn 18. And they will be voting.

via Center for American Progress

Americans are Now Stuffing Whole Fried Chickens in Their Bloody Marys

This is disgusting…right? Maybe we have to try it just in case.

via Death and Taxes

PBS’s ‘America By the Numbers’ to Focus on Race This Fall

Yes, we are the future of America. Thanks!

via Colorlines

Sport in India: An Ancient Game Gets the ESPN Treatment

International expansion for Kabbadi? You be the judge: apparently this game includes a game of telephone, some wrestling, and not breathing while you play it.

via The Economist

Hootchy-kootchy Roles or Nothing? The State of Hollywood Diversity

Dear LA Times: Please never use the word “hootchy-kootchy” in a headline again. That being said, a USC study finds that when Latinos actually get onscreen, they are usually naked.

via LA Times

Robotic Exoskeleton Turns Korean Workers into Ironman

Oh, you know, just sci-fi movies happening for real. No big deal.

via Popular Science

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