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Mash-Up Round-Up: Filipino Donuts + Fish Peppers + Shrooms

Small purple mushrooms on green moss
Welcome to the Shroom Boom.
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The week of April 10, 2021 was boiling up some ramyun for a legend; dealing with our foggy brains; advising this letter writer to divorce her husband; and cringing-but-unable-to-look-away from this interview with Creepy Foot Guy

Mash-Ups In The News

There Are 10,000 People Waiting For These Filipino Doughnuts. That’s No Surprise.

Ube pastry cream + brioche dough + Instagram = never-ending online orders. On social media, Filipino bakers have been able to thrive during the pandemic, sharing the richness of Filipino cuisine in modern baking styles.

via Bon Appetit

How A New Generation Of Players Is Shifting MLB’s Culture

Major League Baseball is evolving. From violating unwritten rules of “etiquette” to bat flipping and flashy cleats, here’s how the (non-white!) players are changing the game.

via ESPN

“I’m Taking Back What’s Mine”: The Many Lives Of Thandiwe Newton

After the “W” in her name was missed out from her first credit, all her future films will be credited with her real name. Meet Thandiwe Newton again, and experience the rebirth of an icon. 

via Vogue

Addison Rae, TikTok, Jimmy Fallon Controversy

Mya Johnson (15 yrs old) and Chris Cotter (13 yrs old) are creators of the “Up” Dance challenge on TikTok. But only Addison Rae (a white influencer with over 79 million followers) got to do their moves on Jimmy Fallon. Hear their thoughts on TikTok, what comes next, and that unreal comparison video.

via Slate

Why Conservatives Are Wrong To Say Broadband Access Isn’t Infrastructure Spending

The internet! Is! Infrastructure!! It’s time to close the digital gap between urban and rural areas, and acknowledge two truths: #1, infrastructure is more than roads and bridges. #2, the internet is as essential as electricity and telephones. (They’re also grumbling about caregiving as infrastructure, and you know how we feel about that.)


How Mushrooms Took Over Food, Wellness, And (Of Course) Drugs

After a millennia of mushroom love, welcome to the shroom boom.  

via Vox

Amy Ray, The Indigo Girls, And The Soundtrack Of Our Gay Lives

In this episode of the LGBTQ&A podcast, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls talks about the lasting legacy in the queer community, identifying as genderqueer, and the behind-the-scenes before coming out publicly in the ’90s. We feel closer to fine already.

via Advocate

The Bay Area Town That Drove Out Its Chinese Residents For 100 Years

In 1876, the white residents of Antioch burned down Chinatown. Before that, they banned Chinese residents from walking outside after sunset. Instead, the Chinese residents built a series of tunnels to move around. “Built, it seems, for centuries of use.”

via SF Gate

The Story Of Fish Peppers, A Legacy Of The African American Garden

“This is really a crop that has been sustained by Black people…That in and of itself is powerful. I have to keep the legacy of this alive.”

Brightly colored and bright in flavor, learn the history of the fish pepper and how to grow your own.

via Epicurious

America Never Wanted The Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses

America’s immigration policies have always been about exclusion. We might be a multiethnic, multiracial, mash-up nation — but rather than return to traditional American values for immigration laws,  should we establish new ones?

via The Atlantic

Inside The Last Men’s Hotel In Chicago

A remnant of a bygone era, it’s the final refuge for many of the 200-plus men who rent for $19 a night.

“These men aren’t bygone. They’re still here, in this hotel that some of them hate and some of them love and all of them call their home.”

via New Republic

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