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Mash-Up Round-Up: Moka Pot + North Dakota

Several Moka coffee pots
The only way to make cafe.
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The week of May 1, 2021 was validation for our best habit; so many dates; and a history of our favorite moment in cinematic history

Mash-Ups In The News

The 4,978 Schools That Changed America

1912 to 1937. A collaboration with Booker T. Washington and a businessman of Jewish immigrant parents. 4,978 schools for Black children across 15 Southern and border states. A multigenerational impact that continues today.

via WSJ

Where Are Asian American Communities Growing The Fastest? It’s Not California.

Forget New York, Texas, or California. North Dakota’s Asian American population has shot up by 241% the last 20 years! In second place? South Dakota.

“The people are nice here. It’s just a little cold…It’s nothing like home. But when you are with the Chinese people here, it feels like it.”

via Los Angeles Times

Save Me From The Cure Evangelists

“Something about the long tradition of exerting religious control over disabled people — of treating disability as a sin or a curse from god, something to be repaired with righteousness — has morphed into the cure evangelist: that urgent, ardent representative of the nondisabled world.”

via Catapult

People Of Color Are Exposed To More Pollution

Construction, power plants, cars, agriculture — no matter where the pollution comes from, it’s people of color who are suffering most.

“Empirical research is now catching up with the reality: that America is segregated and so is pollution.”

via NY Times

Manuel Herz Architects Creates Synagogue That Opens Like A Pop-up Book

Instead of sombre architecture to commemorate a tragic anniversary, the experiential and transformative design was informed by pop-up books  to create a new collective ritual of wonder and awe.

via Dezeen

The Lonely, Vital Work Of Medical Interpretation

Medical interpreters help patients with limited English skills navigate their treatment. For many patients, an interpreter is the last person they will speak to who understands what they are saying.

via New Yorker

Transgender Athletes: Where Do Nonbinary People Fit In?

“You either fit in or you get lost.” The sex-segregated sports world has seen transgender athletes treated as political lightning rods, but what about the nonbinary athletes left out of the conversation entirely? 

via Sports Illustrated

Māori Are Trying To Save Their Language From Big Tech

Te Hiku Media gathered huge swathes of Māori language data, enough to build language tech with auto speech recognition and speech-to-text. Now, corporations that “sell globalisation as a service” are now trying to take it over.

via Wired

The Moka Pot Is Making A Comeback

An iconic shape, a sensory experience — an indestructible Italian pot is becoming the vinyl records of coffee. 

via Fortune

It’s Not Just Young White Liberals Who Are Leaving Religion

About one-third are people of color. More than a quarter voted for Trump in 2020. And about 70 percent don’t have a four-year college degree. Read a thorough breakdown of these fascinating findings about faith. 

via Five Thirty Eight

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