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Mash-Up Round-Up: Nature + The Great Outdoors

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The week of May 23, 2020 was finding a patch of outside to claim as our own, just for a minute, just to remember what it feels like, because even the tiniest peak at nature is essential to our humanity. You can do it too. Happy long weekend, fam, and remember to breathe. We got this.

Ramón Cruz Elected First Latino President Of The Sierra Club

He aims to ensure the Sierra Club is an inclusive space for all, and to double down on their work defeating the anti-environmental Trump administration and its industry lobbyists. Meet Cruz and learn more about his background, inspiration, motivations, and vision.

via Sierra Club

National Parks Are Slowly Reopening. Here’s The Status Of All Of Them.

Going to a national park for a day trip has never sounded more lovely, but we’re staying responsible and practical! Lots of parks are closed, but lots of parks are opening, so plan accordingly: parking, bathrooms, and distancing.

via Thrillist

Self-Isolation, Learned From A Life At Sea

Liz Clark has been self-isolating on her sailboat since 2005. Here’s what she’s learned from her life alone aboard Swell.

via Patagonia

What The Happiest Countries In The World Have In Common: Nature

Nordic nations dominate the top 10 for contended countries with their summer homes, forest schools, cycling cities, and those unbelievable views. Nature isn’t just within easy reach but part of life and culture.

via Outside Online

Covid Recovery Could ‘Tip The Balance’ For Nature

There’s fewer people traveling, signs of fewer pollution, and news of wildlife benefitting from our lack of activity. But what we do next will impact conservation efforts for generations to come.

via BBC

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