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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Week in Sex and Soccer

Pele throws the best shade.
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The week of June 16, 2014 was: watching people eat ghost peppers, trying to avoid fro yo and cupcakes, and thinking about whether or not Millennials really ARE postracial (we’re Generation Catalano, so we tend to think, um, no). Oh yeah. And some sporting event started, too.


Mash-Ups in the News:

The “If I Play This R&B Singer’s Music Will He Help Me Have Sex” Chart

D’Angelo. Full Stop.

via Grantland

Interracial Couples Who Changed History

Interracial marriage was still prohibited in Alabama until 2000. Y2K, guys.

via Bold Italic

There’s Now a Wide Selection of Tinder Alternatives for Jewish Singles

Now you can randomly have sex specifically with Jews. Bubbe would be so pleased.

via Time

PSY’s New Single “Hangover,” featuring Snoop, Is a Statement About Korea’s Drinking Problem

South Koreans drink an average of 13.7 shots of liquor per week. That’s twice as many as Russians and four times as many as Americans.

via QZ.com

The History of 40s and Beastie Boy Mike D Sets the Record Straight About Brass Monkeys

‘I got a friend named Champagne. Looks like a forty.”  Learn a little bit about the history of hip hop and malt liquor.

via Studio 360

The Rabbi Cardinal O’ Connor Never Knew: His Grandfather 

So it turns out the Cardinal of New York had a Jewish mother and a Rabbi grandfather. You can’t make these things up.

via NY Times

We Have World Cup Fever

Soccer Players Are Super Hot

We ask you to indulge us. Also, everyone wins by clicking on this  and this and this and this  and, of course, this.

What World Cup Team Are You?   

According to this scientific quiz, Amy is Spain and Becca is Germany.  Becca just wants to be Brazil. Amy Italian, because sexy, right?

via The Guardian

Oldie but Goodie: Why Americans Shouldn’t be Distressed Over the Group of Death. 

A good reminder for Monday.

via SB Nation


25 Photos of Pele Meeting Everyone Worth Meeting

That guy.

via Mic

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