Our Best Comfort Food Recipes

By Team Mash-Up

Fill your bellies and feed your soul.

Photo credit: flickr/Yuichi Sakuraba, Heather Quintal, Premshree Pillai
We are fueled by optimism at Mash-Up HQ, and we refuse to become cynics about our country and our political process. But we’re feeling the anxiety. So, we’re going to do what we always do in times of need: We’re going to cook
We’ve collected for you some of the best comfort food recipes from our archives. We hope you find something here that nourishes you, and that reminds you that in this fragmented, mad world, an open table and a meal cooked with love is an invitation to cross borders, bridge divides, and build community. And it’s always an option. Feed yourselves, feed your loved ones, and feed your souls. You deserve it.

Cold Weather Congee

Laia’s Puerto Rican Beans

Lime In Chicken Soup

Chinese Spaghetti

Amy’s Kimchi Matzah Brei

Nishta’s Bourbon Pecan Pie

Tea Eggs With Star Anise

Anna’s Grandma’s Korokke

For more recipes, check out our full archive here. How will you be feeding yourselves this week? Let us know

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