Mash-Up Gift Guide: 6 Ideas for the Kids

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Kids these days!
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We love the kids in our life — all the black, brown, white, yellow, Spanglish-speaking, Korean-food-eating, Latin Jewish kids. But what do you get the kid who is everything? Here are a few great gift ideas for the delicious mini Mash-Ups in your life. For the grown-ups who are cooking all the food to shape these kids’ palates, check out our 6 Kitchen Must Haves and our 6 Mash-Up Cookbooks.

1. Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes by Roseanne Greenfield Thong


Photo courtesy of Amazon
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mom used to put post-it notes all over the house in Spanish and English.  Needless to say, our Spanish vocabulary for household items is very rich.  This is such a sweet book for learning shapes through Spanish and English vocabulary. Great art and a glossary at the end. Also, the author’s name? Yes.

2. Uncle Goose Korean (and other) Character Blocks by Uncle Goose

$36.95 for Uncle Goose: Korean Blocks

Uncle Goose German, French, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek… and more!

Photo courtesy of Amazon
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you grew up in Amrika and you marry another Mash-Up American and then you make babies, how do you maintain your connection to your parents’ languages? How do you teach your kid your second language when English is your first? These blocks will help. Made in America, of wood!

3. World Snacks: Chaat and Sweets by Amy Wilson Sanger 

$6.29 for  Chaat and Sweets

Buy Other World Snacks Books: Italian, Jewish, Soul Food, Sushi, Dim Sum, Mexican….

Photo courtesy of Amazon
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Back to food. You know when your friends came over and were like, why are all these things in your house fermented? Where’s the Sunny D and Chips Ahoy? Indeed, this funny, beautiful book is part of a series called “World Snacks” and each one is equally delightful.

4. DIY Push Pin Travel Map from Etsy


Photo courtesy of Ecomonster on Etsy
Photo courtesy of Ecomonster on Etsy

For a much older kid (there are pins) or as a family activity. You know you have to go so many places to see your family. Why not keep track of where they are and where they are from? What a fun activity to do together!

5. TukTuk Toy by Wonder World


Photo courtesy of Amazon
Photo courtesy of Wonder World

Do you remember how surprised you were the first time you left the country and saw how many different rickshaws/tuktuks/motorcycles with 5 people/colorful buses there are in the world? This is a little homage to that.

6. Guayaberas


Photo courtesy of Guayaberas Cubanas
Photo courtesy of Guayaberas Cubanas

Because it’s cute to dress a child like an adult. You should probably buy them fake cigars and a tiny hat too.

What are some of your favorite Mash-Up Kids gifts? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook #mashupholiday.

Posted by Rebecca Lehrer
Rebecca is co-founder and chief executive of The Mash-Up Americans. A Salvadoran-Jewish-American married to an American-American, she has worked for 10+ years in media, arts and culture. She creates cultural experiences, brings people together, and introduces newbies to Armenian string cheese. You can follow her @beccale and find her in Los Angeles.

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