Grief, Collected: How Grief Lives In The Body

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It’s the universal response that cuts across species, not just us as humans, I mean, non-human animals show grief and they give themselves permission.  —Dr. Dorothy Holinger

You know how when you are grieving you might feel clumsy? Or perhaps your heart literally hurts — not metaphorically? These are some of the many physical manifestations of grief that have been scientifically observed — and humanly felt. And not just humanly!!! Animals grieve, too. (Wait until you learn about crow funerals!) Today we’re talking to Dr. Dorothy Holinger, psychologist and author of The Anatomy of Grief. This validating conversation is an exploration of the science and spirituality of grief, how deeply personal and individualistic the grief experience is and how integral it is to all living beings.  

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Grief, Collected – Episode 5 Transcript

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