Podcast Ep 40: What Does America Sound Like To You?

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What Does America Sound Like To You?

Maeve Higgins, an Irish-maybe-someday-to-be-American Mash-Up, is a comedian, author, and host of Maeve in America, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of immigrants in the U.S. She sat down with Amy and Rebecca to discuss the strange Irishness of Trump’s inner circle; the many voices of modern America; and the power of praying to Saint Anthony. Rebecca also learns about Amy’s favorite seasonal beverage: The Shamrock Shake.

Maeve Higgins At Werk

Maeve with the mic.

Maeve On How Americans View Immigrants:

Americans assume that immigrants are all desperate to get here. But a lot of immigrants have a strong love for their country and didn’t necessarily want to leave their country.

What America Sounds Like To Maeve

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