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Podcast Ep 42: Are We All Immigrants? Nope.

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Philámayaye, Sarah.
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What Does It Mean To Be “American” When You’re Native American?

Sarah Eagle Heart, of the Oglala Lakota tribe, is a Native American activist, educator, storyteller and all-around badass. She is also the chief executive of Native Americans In Philanthropy and the first Native American guest on The Mash-Up Americans. She schools Amy and Rebecca on the Indian boarding school era, how she took down a totally racist Homecoming tradition as a teenager, and why identifying as American is both a point of pride and pain. They also discuss the joys and guilt of a matcha latte. Make sure to follow Sarah on Twitter @Ms_EagleHeart and #indigenouswomenrise and #sacredx for all the latest.

Sarah, Raising The Next Generation Of Fighters

Sarah in her community.

Sarah On Anger, And Letting Go

When I go to talk to people and share with them about the violence done to our community, I’ve had non-Native people cry because they just learned that their ancestors were involved with that violence. I’m in a place of healing. It’s hard for me to be too angry because I feel like there’s so much work that has to be done. I’ve been in spaces where there are men who grandstand, and they say everything is horrible, and you did this, and you did that, and I immediately get annoyed. Because they don’t have a solution to the problems, they just have that anger. The issues affecting our community are so dire. My educating people and bringing resources to our community and investment is literally saving lives. I don’t have time to be angry.

Sarah’s Homecoming

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