Podcast Ep 50: Let’s Talk About Sex

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Baby, let's talk about you and me.
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Live In New York: Let’s Talk About Sex

You know there’s no Mash-Up without a little mashing up, right? Or smashing, as the kids call it. So we dove into some of our favorite topics: Sex! Dating! Relationships! And we did it live, onstage at WNYC’s The Greene Space in New York. Scandalous.

We were joined onstage by some stellar Mash-Ups: Ti Chang, founder of the women’s luxury sex toy company Crave; a panel of comedians and media personalities–Maeve Higgins, Sopan Deb, and Tobin Low–for a chat on dating; and to close out the night, a conversation with Travon Free, the Black, bisexual, bicoastal, Emmy Award-winning comedian and writer whose work you know from Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, The Daily Show, and much more.

Listen for an edited version of our chat onstage, and check out the livestream on for the full show!

Want The *Full* Live Show Experience? Sure You Do! Watch It Here!

Our guests were, as per usual, hilarious and insightful and amazing. Here are some choice quotes from the night’s conversations. Shenanigans to follow.

DJ Rob Swift:

Mm hmm we feel like you can find a practice partner, Rob.

Ti Chang:

What’s your favorite position? In the words of the VERY non-mashy Lauren Conrad … C.E.O.

Sopan Deb:

There shall be no love without masala.

Maeve Higgins:

If you can’t recognize a joke, please apply elsewhere.

Tobin Low:

Learn from the master and game the algorithm.

Travon Free:

He’s bisexual, bicoastal, and bi-winning (is that a word?) Emmy award winner. He’s also our major inspo in all things.


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