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Mash-Up Round-Up: Hari Kondabolu vs. The Washington Stupidly Named

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Totally tubular.
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The week of October 25, 2014 was: pledging to drink tea with our friends forever and ever; wondering how Mona Lisa would look as a 3D printed Oreo cookie; and Brad Pitt sitting between two ferns, on repeat.

Happy Diwali, Mash-Ups!

Mash-Ups In The News:

RIP Oscar De La Renta

Dominican-Puerto Rican Mash-Up, Dominican diplomat, Connecticut resident, and fashion icon. Thank you for making women around the world feel beautiful.

via The New York Times

Mash-Up Stoner Comedies and the Power of Multiculturalism

Harold and Kumar? Cheech and Chong? Formative, mash-y and hilarious. That’s a pretty good combo.

via GOOD

Hari Kondabolu Has a Great Idea for a New Redskins Logo

All a girl needs is a photo and a “sunburn” filter.

via Hari Kondabolu

T.I. and Ali Shaheed Muhammad on Making Music from the Heart

Our favorite hip hop interview show comes from NPR (big surprise). Talking about the cross-cultural exchange between Atlanta and New York.

via NPR

Quality of Words More Important Than Quantity of Words

So if the only words you learned to say from your Serbian grandmother is “love and peace,” (that would be “ljubav i mir,” duh) then that’s a pretty good thing to pass on to your kids.

via The New York Times

Kenny G Goes to Hong Kong

This is not the beginning of a joke. 

via Coconuts

Yo Soy Okay With .Com, Gracias

Google launched a new web domain, .soy, and, well, they might have missed the mark.

via Latino Rebels

Junot Diaz Eats New York

Somehow, knowing what we do about Junot’s nerdy comic book loving side, we are not surprised that he is obsessed with Japanese food.

via Conde Nast Traveler

South Koreans to Go Extinct by 2750

Get bizzy with those Mash-Up babies, yo. Also, 2750 is a long way away.

via The Wall Street Journal

Pro-Tip: Photo Shopped Minorities are Not the Same as Real Minorities

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s team photoshopped black people into images on his website.

via Buzzfeed

Mark Zuckerberg Banters in Bad Chinese

It turns out he can be charming. He just needs to be speaking Chinese to do it. (Seriously though, it’s charming.) And he speaks about how he learned in order to talk to his wife’s grandmother. Wonder if he read this guide on Chinese manners first?

via Quartz

Jewish Southern Food Includes Matzah Ball Soup with Mustard Greens

In other words, yum.

via Yahoo

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