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Mash-Up Round-Up: Americans Aren’t Having Sex

Get it together, America.
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The week of March 11, 2017 was Obama ditched his dad jeans; the federal courts ruled that the Snuggie is a blanket; this dad is all of us; and the Fearless Girl stands up to the bulls and bullies.

A nutritionist from Northwestern University ranked all of the Girl Scout cookies from best to worst for our health. Not for our soul, for which there is one clear winner: The frozen Thin Mint. Also, Ben & Jerry’s is making cereal milk ice cream.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Why Do Expats Live In Bubbles?

There are some predictable reasons, like expats stick with who and what makes them comfortable. But ethnic segregation also often reflects cultural barriers within the dominant culture. Like apparently the Dutch like to keep work and social life very separate, so  they’re not about to invite their work colleagues out for drinks.

via BBC

What Bi-Racial People Know

Remember when we saved America from itself? This op-ed dives into the profound value of having Mash-Ups and diversity as the cornerstone of our society. It’s also just smart business: Science shows we are better problem solvers because we understand multiple perspectives (plus a whole lot of other great things). Thanks, Science!

via NY Times

The Dark Psychology Of Dehumanization

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We all have the profound capacity to dehumanize others. Scientists have found that when we are doing this, the parts of our brain that show disgust are ignited. The parts that hold empathy? Nothing. This happens to the point where we start to consider people, which in the instance of this study are Arabs and Mexican immigrants, less evolved. Please read.

via Vox

It’s Holi! See As Widows Join For The First Time

Traditionally in India, widows are not invited to participate in anything celebratory or allowed to wear lots of colors. Instead, they are expected to recuse themselves from society. This year, a group of rebel widows have defied convention to celebrate Holi, the springtime festival of colors. This photo essay is gorgeous documentation of their rebellion.

via Quartz

Serena And Common Talk Gender Bias

Serena is the GOAT. Period. Why did it take so long to be recognized as such? Oh right, she’s a woman. In other sports news, Nike is launching a sports hijab. Everyone deserves high-performance materials!

via ESPN

“Da Kine,” Hawaii’s All-Purpose Noun

Pidgin is basically when people who speak different languages figure out a way to communicate that is neither of the languages and that doesn’t become a new “official” language. (Basically our whole life.) This article unpacks some of incredible ways locals communicate in Hawaii. Plus, as the mashiest state, Hawaii is holding it down by being the first state to sue regarding the new Muslim travel ban.

via Atlas Obscura

It’s Not Just You: Americans Are Having Less Sex

This is a PSA. WHY ARE WE HAVING SO LITTLE SEX? Especially talking to you married couples. You’re bringing everyone down and it’s happening in record time (20% less sex compared to 15 years ago). The worst part is that the reason we have less sex, according to this research, is that we have other ways have getting pleasure, such as Netflix. NETFLIX CANNOT REPLACE SEX. Go do it right now. For America.

via NY Times

Russian Airlines To Teach Employees Self-Defense

Do you ever feel so annoyed when getting on a plane especially when they nickel and dime you for everything and there’s no food and no legroom yada yada yada? Well, you are not alone. And this Russian airline is teaching flight attendants self defense to deal with angry customers. We respect that, but also maybe they might invest in better service too?

via Russia Beyond The Headlines

Maryland Shop Covers Racist Tattoos For Free

We believe in the power of people to change, so we love this story about a tattoo artist offering to cover racist tattoos for those people who realize their past mistakes. You can turn your swastika into a pinwheel! But seriously, we found this moving.

via Washington Post

Inspo of the Week

Pregnant Amal Clooney Goes to Testify At The UN 

When Amal Clooney goes to the UN to press them about bringing genocide allegations against ISIS, and she does it visibly pregnant. Just another day of being amazing.

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