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Mash-Up Round-Up: Bodega Merch + Latinidad-ness

We are all bodega boys.
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The week of September 21, 2019 was questionable pizza innovationssemen explosions down under; shopping for our bodega T-shirts; and our favorite kind of pornography.

RIP Cokie. Thank you.

Mash-Ups In The News:

California’s Forage Wars

The “guerilla gatherers” of the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians defy California laws to maintain their traditional practices and keep their connection to the land:

We like to say we’re badass Indian women gathering under cover of darkness, crawling under fences, over rocks, around no trespassing signs, and through the mud to provide for funerals, feasts and celebrations.

via Roads and Kingdoms

Trump Froze Aid To Guatemala. Now Programs Are Shutting Down

In April, President Trump decided to freeze $450 million in U.S. foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over “their failure to stem the outflow of northbound migrants.” Now, with a drought and no aid, our government has made migration the only option.

via NPR

The Problem With Latinidad

“Latin American,” “Hispanic,” “Latino,” “Latinx,” “Latinidad” — should there be a common identity? Hear from Mash-Ups at the forefront of this convo as they break down the many terms of “Latino-ness” we take for granted.

via The Nation

What Would Reparations For Native American Communities Look Like?

I can never imagine what it was like to be in the boarding schools during this era and what the elders had to endure… I pray all of our elders from this era are able to see some form of equity in their lifetimes.

via Daily Kos

What Makes Ethiopian Cuisine?

How do you make “fast-casual Ethiopian”? How do you put a new spin on dishes that are thousands of years old? Listen to this podcast ep to meet three different chefs with three very different takes.

via Wamu

A Secret 1950s Strategy To Keep Out Black Students

The University of Texas didn’t block the doors — they were far more sneaky in their evil schemes. Confidential documents from UT’s archives reveal the key to their continued racial discrimination: Standardized testing.

via The Atlantic 

Who Speaks For Crazy Horse?

If this monumental memorial of Tasunke Witko is ever completed, it will be four times the height of the Statue of Liberty. But, carving a massive sculpture into mountains on sacred land for a Native American known for his humility? Maybe not the most fitting tribute.

via The New Yorker

Poll: Two-thirds of Americans want to break up companies like Amazon and Google

Across party lines, we seem to agree. We don’t want Google giving us their sponsored links first. We don’t want Amazon to hide competitor products. We don’t want three tech companies to rule, control, and shape our world.

via Vox

We Didn’t Stand A Chance Against Opioids

Joshua Hunt made it out of Alaska and the opioid crisis that was taking over, but he can’t help but think about the school friends, grandmothers, and neighbors who never stood a chance.

via New Republic

Greta Thunberg Just Called Out Congress On Climate Change

16-year-old Greta Thunberg called out the largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases (that’s us!) for its intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement:

“This is the moment in history we need to be wide awake…Our main enemy is not our political opponents, our main enemy is physics and we cannot make a deal with physics.”

Support this weekend’s climate strike, and orgs like U.S. Youth Climate Strike, led by another incredible 16 year-old, Isra Hirsi.

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