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Mash-Up Round-Up: Moroccan Hipsters & Gay Wedding Primers

No question, this guy is the best.
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The week of September 27, 2014 was: Malkoviching everywhere, getting hungry over #whatjeweating, and awarding ten thousand million gajillion points for Gryffindor. L’Shana Tova! We seek forgiveness for all our imperfections; and give gratitude for all of your acceptance. Peace and love.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Finally! “Nude” Bras for Women of Color

Wait, your skin color isn’t “fair and lovely”? That probably means that you wear “nude” bras that were designed for one of the ladies of Downton Abbey. Rejoice! Bras for you!

via Jezebel

Sikhs as Superheroes. We’re Down

He dons a Captain America costume, with a turban and a beard. His superpower? Showing you how to put on a turban. We like this superpower.

via NY Times

Chinese Restaurant Serves Noodles Laced With Opium

A man was pulled over and arrested after eating noodles and he tested positive for opiates. He knew the noodles were too good to be true. We probably all have to go try it for ourselves.

via CNN

10 American Slang Sayings That Confuse Brits

Brits: It’s not just you guys! We Mash-Ups find these sayings confusing too. Except for “jonesing.” That’s a classic.

via CNN

Today, In Hipsters Around the World: Morocco

Dear American hipsters, please start wearing patterns like these. Everyone will be happier. But seriously, artist Hassan Hajjaj deftly mashes-up his Moroccan and British cultures in this rich series of photographs.

Hassan Hajjaj, Afrikan Boy, 2013, metallic Lambda print on Dibond with wood and found objects, 53.5 x 37 in. Courtesy of the ar
Hassan Hajjaj, Afrikan Boy, 2013, metallic Lambda print on Dibond with wood and found objects, 53.5 x 37 in. Courtesy of the artist and GUSFORD Los Angeles

via Huffington Post

The Publishing World is Whitey-White McWhiterson

To be exact: 89% white. 11% others. Any of you Mash-Ups wanting to get into publishing? Because we have some stories to tell.

via Publishers Weekly

Americans Abroad Are Quitting Being American

Americans abroad are giving up their citizenships because of new tax laws that make banks shut down accounts for expatriates. WWGSD? (What Would Gertrude Stein Do?)

via The Guardian

Fingers Stand In for Forks

We must travel to Harlem to eat shiro and injera ASAP. Ethiopian food is a good pre-Yom Kippur tradition…

via NY Times

How to Behave at a Gay Wedding, via Key & Peele

A family does a Q&A about how to act at gay weddings. Hard hitting questions: Do we have to do jazz hands? Do we sit in the straight section? Do you need to use euros to buy gay gifts?

via Comedy Central

Mash-Ups on TV!

TV Season Starts and Mash-Ups are Everywhere

“We’ve all taken a little bit of the -ish from each of us and blended it into who we are today as a people.” Kenya Barris, creator of Black-ish 

via NPR

Papi Got A Show!

The first preview for Roy Choi’s new show about street food! We are hungry!

via CNN

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