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Mash-Up Round-Up: Cholos Try Kale Chips

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Yes kale chips DO look like weed.
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The week of November 7, 2015 was all about hating on hearts; lusting after huts; and hoping we’re reincarnated as Mahiro Takano, the tiniest, adorablest, badassest martial artist in the land. Also she stars in Sia’s latest music video.

Also, our friends at Roads & Kingdoms have published a fabulous new cookbook and travel guide,Rice Noodle Fish. Get it! Oh, and what do you know about Coywolves? Mash-Up co-founder Rebecca is talking about these mash-up animals on one of her favorite podcasts, The Dinner Party Download.

Mash-Ups In The News:

On AirBnB, Asian American Hosts Earn Less than White Ones

Asian Americans make 20 percent less on AirBnB than their white counterparts. Are they charging less? Expecting less? Do renters have a deep-seated racism that makes them pay Asians less? A new study explores all these questions.

via NPR

Aziz Ansari’s Parents to Star in His New Show

“When you see immigrant parents on TV and film, they’re VERY broad. They’re vehicles for these hacky ethnic jokes, where the dad will be like, ‘Oh no, there’s a Tandoori chicken in my pocket!’” So Aziz hired his parents to play themselves. We’re ready. Watch “Masters of None” and tell us what you think!

via Tonight Show

Hasidic Fashion Gets Hip. No, Seriously

Apparently Orthodox Jewish women wear these long thin slips under their clothes and secular designers are now using these items to layer outside of their clothes. On another note, you will learn more than you ever imagined about the Hasidic Jewish fashion industry.

via Vogue

Finland Embraces its Weirdness with Official Emoji

Headbanging and naked saunas are quintessentially Finnish. Deserving of their own emojis? Hell yes.

via Fusion

The Story of Five Murdered Vietnamese-American Journalists

Between 1981 and 1990, five Vietnamese-American journalists who worked for small publications serving the Vietnamese refugee population in the U.S. were murdered. The FBI believed the killings were terrorist acts. A new investigation uncovers fresh evidence behind the crimes.

via Propublica / Frontline

K-Pop’s Scholarly Appeal

On Korean soap operas, “No Korean daughter-in-law can make kimchi, or cook rice, or prepare muddy fish as well as does her mother-in-law.” Academics are legitimately studying K-Pop and Korean dramas and with such important cultural takeaways as the above, we can all feel vindicated.

via Wall Street Journal

Puzzlemaster Will Shortz and the Ping-Pong Prodigy

Somehow it feels very right that Will Shortz, the New York Times Crossword Puzzlemaster, is obsessed with ping-pong, opened a facility and now has an 18-year-old Chinese ping-pong genius living with him whom he quizzes on SAT words.

via New Yorker

Margaret Cho Opens Up About Her Life as a Sex Worker

Our Mash-Up queen M. Cho talks about a time in her life when she was a phone sex operator and actually a very bad (as in unsuccessful) dominatrix. What amazing things HASN’T she done?

via New York Times

FYI, One More Reason to Move to Scandinavia

If prosperity isn’t measured by simply financial wealth but also personal freedom and health, among other metrics, then Norway and all those Scandinavians are rich AF. While we do envy us some of that Scandinavian prosperity, we hasten to point out that most of the countries at the top of this list are pretty homogeneous and that’s not really our bag, baby.

via TakePart

Cholos Eat Kale, Drink Kombucha, and Are Amazing 

Kale chips do look like weed — these Cholos are not wrong about this.

via Mitu

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