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Mash-Up Round-Up: Americans Are Bad At Death

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Probably a good time to discuss.
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The week of May 13, 2017 was falling in love with the art of shoe-shi; smiling like Simone Biles; eating cheese with abandon; and celebrating the revival of Anne-with-an-E with dozens of raspberry cordials. Don’t @ us.

Ever wonder about Future’s mashy flute player? Us too.Vice got us covered.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Dwayne Johnson For President

We’re fairly certain that we should be spending more time with The Rock, a Black-Samoan Mash-Up. He loves to ask questions, he’s high-fiving kids all around town, and he’s incredibly thoughtful about mashing up.

via GQ

Director of the U.S. Census Quits

What box do you check? Maybe no box in 2020, because the Director of the Census quit due to Congress’s idiotic funding drama! Why does the Census matter? It determines so much of how resources are distributed nationally, and allows Mash-Ups to represent their numbers — and power.

via Washington Post

Korean Television Is Going Queer

K Drama [Editor’s Note: The greatest television there is] is exported globally and, well, very often has homoerotic undertones. These have long been unspoken and kind of subtle, but are becoming increasingly clearer. Now the genre has an opportunity to push a more honest conversation about homosexuality and gender identity in Korea and across Asia.

via VICE

The Transformative Power Of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Listen, Mash-Up HQ is as susceptible to the busy trap as anyone else, so we are feeling the idea of “Isness.” Just doing a thing for what it is. Not for what else it can give you. We are all constantly comparing ourGoogle searches to other people’s Facebook posts, making lists, and planning, but research tells us that what we need to do is sit outside for a couple of hours and just be.

via Quartz

We’re Bad At Death. Let’s Talk

We Americans believe we are going to be here living forever, right? Well, it’s time to talk about death and the fact that’s it’s coming for all of us. Our medical system is not prepared for it, and neither are we, culturally.

via NY Times

Inside The Beauty Parlors Of Kabul

“Women suffered the worst psychological, emotional and mental effects of this war. So starting with small achievable steps, like making them feel pretty, at least creates some positive energy and sets the stage to work on deeper issues.” A safe space for women in Afghanistan can be found in the women-only beauty parlors lining the streets of Kabul. Their manicure game is on point!

via Daily Mail

Asian American Women Are The Power Consumers Of The Future

Asian American women are the owners of more than 750,000 businesses in the U.S., which generate more than $136 billion in sales. Our personal favorite stat from this research is how much more likely Asian American women are to eat and cook fresh food. We’re here, world. Pay attention.

via NBC News

Life Expectancy Can Vary 20 Years Based On Where You Live

Colorado here we come! But seriously, in this incredibly vast country of ours, the variance in lifespan is astonishing. Ethnicity, race and income played a role in the lifespan in 60% of the cases studied. So, while some communities in Alaska have seen the largest gains in lifespan, for example, the Oglala Lakota tribe in the Dakotas has an average lifespan of only 66 years.

via Time

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