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Eating Tteok And Thinking About Luv

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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of February 17, 2024 was enjoying Usher’s busiest day of the year; avoiding the plague; and howling over the raccoons that are making it work. Or trying, at least.

The Mash-Up Americans:

V-Day or not, we’ve always got love and relationships on the brain, which is why we’re re-reading our interview with anthropologist Helen Fisher where we discuss why we date who we do and what it takes for a successful mash-up marriage. (And just for a laugh, re-reading the dating advice our immigrant parents gave us, too).

Mash-Ups In The News:

A Brief Guide To The Wide, Wonderful World Of Korean Rice Cakes

Lots to chew on in this roundup of the many, many types of tteok that exist. Hot tip: The Trader Joe’s hotteok (aka Sweet Cinnamon Filled Korean Pancakes) aren’t too shabby if you need a quick fix.

The Loss Of Things I Took For Granted

Kids aren’t reading like they used to and Adam Kotsko’s ringing the alarm. “I have to think that we can, at the very least, stop actively preventing young people from developing the ability to follow extended narratives in the classroom.”

The Year After A Denied Abortion

Spoiler alert: It’s not good. After the forced pregnancy of Mayron Hollis last year under Tennessee’s harsh anti-abortion laws, we get a glimpse at her life with a premature baby, endless health issues, mounting debt, and insufficient childcare.

The Anabaptist Community Taught Me Everything I Know About Sorghum Syrup

One farmer/writer mourns the decline of small, family-run sorghum production as modern businesses transform the rural landscape (lookin’ at you, Dollar General). The Huber sisters are the ones keeping it alive — for now.

The Friends Who Are Caring For Each Other In Older Age

A growing number of older adults, or “elder orphans,” have no close family to lean on as they age. So who will care for them when they need assistance, or fall ill? They’re turning to each other.

Florida School Asks Parents For Permission To Have Book By An African American Author Read To Students

Another preposterously racist event, another demerit for DeSantis. Glad to know at least one parent was taken aback by the request, but the “anti-woke” movement still at it.

They’re Called ‘Big Pie.’ Where To Find Giant Chinese Scallion Pancakes

They’re “essentially China’s answer to focaccia” and holy crap they look glorious. We’re already planning visits to the two name-checked San Gabriel Valley spots that specialize in the pillowy, crusty, peppery bread.

In Harlem’s ‘Little Senegal,’ West African Migrants Find Community And Challenges

“The number of migrants from West African nations like Senegal, Guinea and Mauritania has tripled in the last year alone and garnered worldwide attention.” But they’re struggling to find work, and orgs are struggling to support them.

This Evangelical Billionaire Family Wants To Convert You On Super Bowl Sunday

A campaign promoting Jesus and loving your neighbors is driven by the billionaire family behind Hobby Lobby, which has denied its employees birth control coverage and use of bathrooms associated with their gender identity. LOL the hypocrisy.

How Food Stylists On ‘Feud’ Brought La Côte Basque Back To Life

With the food at the iconic French restaurant playing such a huge role in telling the Feud story, attention to every historical detail was critical — and the stylists nailed it, they really did.

‘New Literacy Test’: The Black Organizers Waging War On Disinformation

“Every time an election looms, Baton Rouge resident Ashley Shelton notices the red flags — the signs sprinkled around the city and other parts of Louisiana that give the wrong information about when voters can cast their ballots.”

The Unsettling Scourge Of Obituary Spam

We really know how to ruin everything, is the point of this one. “In the wake of death, AI-generated obituaries litter search results, turning even private individuals into clickbait.”

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