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Mash-Up Round-Up: Goodbye Sushi + Modern Witches

Variety of sushi
It's so hard to quit you.
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The week of July 17, 2021 was the world’s greatest hairdresser; Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream testing our sanity; and we’ve all heard of fly fishing, but have you seen flying fish

Mash-Ups In The News

Here’s Why Everyone Is Calling Hot Men ‘Breedable’

Your weekly internet rabbit hole: Breaking down this summer’s motto “breedable.” Courtesy of TikTok, Tumblr, Twitter, and literal decades of fandom and fanfic culture. 

via Mashable

The Many Faces Of Women Who Identify As Witches

“The muddled stereotypes that surround witches nowadays are, in the end, not so very different from those used to define that perennial problem: woman.”

In other oldie but goodie witch news: we talked with Misty Bell Stiers, a Mash-Up American Wiccan who is raising two children as witches in New York City.

via New Yorker

In A World Without Sushi

A family sushi restaurant. The end of salmon. Learning to appreciate the marvelous value of animals and nature — outside their utility for human consumption. 

We’re reconsidering our sushi and poke habits, including our buttery favorite, unagi 🙁 

via Guernica Mag

Babe Ruth Was Never This Versatile

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels is a masterful pitcher and hitter. Why restrict him to one role when he’s striking out All-Stars and hitting nearly 500 feet? He’s more than the next Babe Ruth; he’s an absolute dream.

via NY Mag

‘Turning Red’ Features Pixar’s First Asian-Led Film

We’ve seen and wept at Bao. Now, Domee Shi is the first female director taking on a full-length Pixar film, which is also their first Asian-led movie. PLUS, Sandra Oh as our embarrassing mother.

via Nerds of Color

Poop Turns Into Power And Currency With South Korean University Toilet 

Apparently, the average person’s poop for one day can power a car for 3/4 of a mile? Professors in South Korea have designed a toilet that converts poop into an energy source — and digital $$$ for students. 

via Insider

Thuy On Her New Single, Process And Nostalgic Sound

Thuy (pronounced “twee”) makes music that’s an inspired mash-up of influences, with R&B melodies, dreamy soundscapes, and late 90s pop. Here she talks about her process, her music, and her parents. 

“People tend to want to put Asian culture and people in a box. I want to make music that heals my soul and makes me feel good.”

via Paper Mag

The Most Decorated Olympian In Track And Field History Is Giving Fellow Athletes $10K Each For Childcare

Allyson Felix knows what it’s like to be worried about childcare while she’s being a literal Olympic athlete. Now, she’s launching a grant to help cover childcare costs for fellow athlete parents. Care can’t wait!

via Fast Company

Broadway’s Fall Season Filled With New Works By Black Playwrights

Broadway is BACK with old and new. Among the new? Seven new plays, all written by Black playwrights. 

via NPR

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