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Mash-Up Round-Up: We Are So Ready for Eddie Huang.

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Yes. Yes we are.
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The week of January 17, 2015 was: fighting bropropriation, taking so many lazy long showers, and tracking literally every goat in America.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Aziz Ansari Makes It Clear Everything is #RupertsFault

Aziz Ansari took Rupert Mudoch to task for being a hypocrite. The internet ran with it.

via Buzzfeed

Jane the Virgin: Television Should Look Like America

We agree! You are the hero, Gina Rodriguez. Plus, who doesn’t love a telenovela?

via The Guardian

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Black in Russia, White in America

Once again with the fluidity of race.

via Washington Post

When Being A Valedictorian Isn’t Enough

The focus on SATs is shifting who is accepted to CUNY schools, specifically making it harder for Blacks and Latinos.

via The Atlantic

Why Do We Like the Foods We Do? 

Your gringo friends can learn to love spicy food! It just takes practice.

via NPR

Oscar-Nominated Actors: Not Just Like Us

It’s the least diverse Oscars since 1998. We’re guessing that this is a reflection of an academy that is 94% white. And, of course, that more stories need to be made that reflect America today. (See Jane the Virgin.)

via Hollywood Reporter

Pizza Gets Weird in Korea

Bulgogi pizza? YES. Ranch dressing pizza? Ok, we could get down with that. Strawberry and pickle pizza? Yikes.

via Roads and Kingdoms 

Eddie Huang: Network TV Ate My Life

People are ready, Eddie! Fresh Off the Boat, based on Eddie’s memoir, premieres next month. Eddie is blowing up a lot of people’s spots on his Mash-Up mission. Oh and, as if to prove his points, reporters are asking questions about chopsticks, so that’s cool.

via Vulture

Why 10,000 French Jews Will Move to Israel This Year

French Jewish immigrants from Northern Africa moved to France for safety reasons and now many find it’s time to move again.

via Wall Street Journal

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