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Mash-Up Round-Up: Never Washing Our Coffee Mugs + Taco Bell is Healthy Now

Leave the cup alone, it's fine.
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The week of January 7, 2017 was never washing our coffee mugs again; a reminder of our love for Roy Choi, aka our beloved Papi Chulo; and Strange Fruit, on repeat.

Oh, and that New Year’s Resolution about being more productive? Fugghedaboutit. Research shows time management is actually ruining our lives!

Mash-Ups in the News:

Need A Stylist Who Understands Black Hair? There’s An App For That

No one wants to horror of a hairstylist who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but for Black women this is a horrifying reality. The unique needs of Black women’s hair often go ignored in salons, with most beauty schools not even training their stylists on Black hair to begin with. Jennifer Lambert and Jihan Thompson have come to the rescue by creating Swivel, a beauty booking app that connects women with salons that actually know how to care for textured hair.

via New York Times

American Military To Allow Turbans, Beards, Hijab, Cornrows

After a protracted debate, the U.S. Army relaxed its uniform regulations to allow religious minorities to wear turbans, beards, and hijab while serving. Hair braids, cornrows, twists and locks will also now be allowed. 👏 👏 👏  to a military dress code that reflects its country!

via Time

How To Build A Perfect City

The lives we live shape our needs of the places we live, and cities are finally recognizing that its residents aren’t a monolith. The result? Cities designed to fit the lives of the people who live there. Go figure!

 via Fast Company

Saving The Ancestral Peanut Of The South

African runner peanuts, the most praised and beloved ancestral nut of the South, would have gone extinct if not for the survival of 40 seeds in the 1930s. But those dark days of peanutty uncertainty are over, as the first commercial crop of 15 million African runner peanuts was just harvested, saving the nut’s remarkable peanut flavor and history from oblivion.

via NPR

Being Trans And An Immigrant Under Trump

For immigrants and trans people, the drastic switch from Obama’s administration of inclusion to Trump’s administration of intolerance is a change filled with fear and uncertainty, particularly for those who live as both.

Related: Restaurants are resisting the incoming presidency by becoming “sanctuary restaurants,” offering safe workplaces to undocumented people who are vulnerable under our new government.

via The Atlantic 

Robots Start Replacing Workers In Japan

The inevitable robot takeover is almost here, with artificial intelligence replacing human insurance claim workers at a Japanese company. As artificial intelligence begins to threaten employment in white collar jobs along with blue collar, maybe it’s time we start rethinking how we think about work.

via Quartz

Taco Bell Is America’s Healthiest Fast Food Chain

Thanks to Missy Nelson, the chain’s dietician (yes, it has a dietician), Taco Bell has nearly eliminated all artificial ingredients, switched to cage-free eggs, and reduced the sodium content 15% across all of its menu items. Chalupa Supreme here we come.

via Business Insider

Swedes Do It Better, Language Edition

When it comes to describing our more ambiguous relationships, the English language is lacking, but maybe we can borrow a few words from the Swedes? While we’re at it, we should learn from their attempts at a shorter work day and learn ways to improve our own English to communicate with non-native speakers.

via New York Magazine

The Power Of The Female #Bawse

The number of lady bosses is slowly but steadily rising each year, and as the number grows, we’re able to learn more about how female leaders can affect work for everyone. Could female CEOs mean better wages and positions for female employees? Could less people regardless of gender get laid off? (Yes.)

via The Atlantic

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