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Who Is The Zaddiest Of Them All? (DDK)

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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of March 9, 2024 was not understanding what is happening with Kate Middleton; or with Chicago’s new tourist attraction, the rat hole; but very much enjoying the Dune bucket.

The Mash-Up Americans:

Happy Ramadan to all our mash-ups who celebrate! As the month of fasting begins, we thought we’d point you in the direction of Tanzila Ahmed’s Muslim Mixtape to Get You Through Ramadan (because hangry is real). To everyone else, happy…Daylight Savings? It’s time again to spring forward. Oof.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Black Couple Rented To A Chinese American Family When Nobody Would. Now, They’re Donating $5M To Black Community

Solidarity is beautiful. In 1939, a Black entrepreneurial couple allowed a Chinese American family to rent and eventually buy their Coronado, California, property. Now, to thank them, the Dongs are donating proceeds from the sale of the house.

The 700-Mile Journey To Get An Abortion

“As states continue to enact harmful legislation that restricts access to reproductive healthcare, a network of pilots is flying people across the country to get the services they need.” Love to see it; hate that it’s come to this.

How Some Very Spicy Noodles Saved The Company That Pioneered Korean Ramen

Things at Samyang were looking bleak until their Buldak ramen became an internet darling. With the virality of spice challenges and the support of stars like Jimin (!) of BTS (!!), they now account for two thirds of instant noodle exports out of South Korea.

Here’s Why Jalapeño Peppers Are Less Spicy Than Ever

It’s not because your heat tolerance has gone up — they’ve been bred to have increasingly lower spice levels for easier predictability in food production. What’s next: heirloom jalapeños? Quite possibly.

Daniel Dae Kim Says His Kids Taught Him What ‘Zaddy’ Meant

Isn’t the best kind of zaddy is the kind who doesn’t even know they’re zaddying? We stan an oblivious zaddy — especially one who was the first Asian American to be named the Sexiest Man Alive in 2005. Still got it.

Design Edition: A Moving Ode To The Modernist Public Toilets Of Tokyo

“Perfect Days, a film currently in US theaters, is a moving cinematic portrait of a life marked by simple graces. It’s a story about beauty and asceticism, set against the backdrop of some of the finest public bathrooms in the world.”

A Cuisine Under Siege

One writer mourns the loss of her aunt in Gaza, reflecting on the many cooking lessons passed down during their time together. Sharing her recipe for sumagiyya in Saveur, she keeps her aunt’s legacy alive.

How The Porn Bots Took Over Twitter

Spoiler: It has nothing to do with porn, or even bots. But when you take a giant social media entity and strip away content moderation (and piss off your advertisers while you’re at it), you scare away the good stuff — and invite in the worst of humanity.

The Complex Battle Between Black Hairstylists And Their Clients

Countless Black women have turned to social media to complain about the state of the Black hair industry. Is it a lack of skill or professionalism on the stylists’ part, or do clients have unrealistically high expectations because of social media? It’s complicated.

US Poet Laureate Ada Limón To Launch Book And Parks Project ‘You Are Here’

The project, called “You Are Here,” includes an anthology of nature poems and visits to seven national parks. “I wanted something that could both praise our sacred and natural wonders and also speak the complex truths of this urgent time,” Limón said.

Why Taiwanese Americans Are Moving To Taiwan — Reversing The Path Of Their Parents

The pandemic saw a wave of Taiwanese Americans move back to their ancestral homeland, giving up the comforts and success their parents helped them find in America. Three Taiwanese American women divulge their reasons for doing so.

CBS Developing The First Black Daytime Soap Opera In 35 Years

It’s about damn time. The Gates will follow the lives of a wealthy Black family living in a posh, gated community. It’ll be the first Black-centric soap to debut since 1989’s Generations, and the first new soap in general to be added since 1999’s Passions.

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