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Mash-Up Round-Up: Coming With Receipts

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The week of April 15, 2017 was bowing down to Dianne Bentley, who took down her cheating governor husband with ALL the receipts; smoking weed with Killer Mike; and wishing the Ikea Relationship Saving Station was around the last time we needed to buy a new Billy.

Chance, we love you. 

Mash-Ups In The News:

The Model Minority In The Age Of Trump

While highlighting the corporatization and militarization of local security forces, United’s gruesome display of violence against a non-white passenger represents the precarious state of the so-called “model-minority” in a country trying to demonize them. But! The airline did lose a couple hundred million in market cap, which is mildly satisfying. Here’s how to choose the right airline and please, fly safe.

via NY Mag

Why Talented Black And Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered

Before you can become a “gifted” student, someone has to recognizethat you’re gifted. But what happens when the unconscious bias of teachers and schools are keeping Black and Hispanic students from being recognized? As we’ve shared before, in 2005, the Broward County school district found that when all students were given a chance to shine through universal IQ testing, the amount of recognizedgenius among Black and Hispanic students tripled. Well, now it’s 2017, and our school systems continue to underestimate minority students. So what gives?

via NY Times

Chechnya Opens “World’s First Concentration Camp For Homosexuals”

Nope. Not on our watch.

via Mail Online

The War In Syria, Explained

Keep informed, fam. Syria’s civil war is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Vox breaks down what you should know about the war and America’s role in it, from the Arab Spring protests to Trump’s recent missile strike.

 via Vox

I Look Like A Surgeon: Women Surgeons Across The World

What does a surgeon look like? This week, hundreds of women around the world answered that question when they recreated a New Yorker cover of four female surgeons watching over a patient. All we can say is, any lucky patients with this view should relax knowing their lives are in capable hands. Especially since female doctors save more lives.

 via New Yorker

Taiwanese-Malaysian Mash-Up Accepted To Eight Ivy League Colleges

Mash-Up excellence! 17-year-old Cassandra Hsiao achieved the (near) impossible after writing an application essay about her experiences growing up in a multilingual, immigrant household.

via BBC

We Have Found the Cure! (Sort Of…)

Detoxes, cleanses, V-steams and honestly, anything you can think of — the “wellness” industry is pumping out a new fad every week, offering a cure-alls for those who can afford it. But while these remedies leave us feeling skeptical, they reveal something beautifully tragic about women who see their lives as something that constantly needs fixing.

 via Outside Online

The U.S. Postal Service Pays Tribute To Latin Food With New Stamps

¡Delicioso! If you’re one of those people who still use stamps (you know, for letters?) then you can now use some of the tastiest looking stamps ever as USPS celebrates Latin and Caribbean cuisine. (Note: No word yet on their literal tastiness.)

via LAist

What Americans Will Lose When They Push Immigrants Away: Doctors

When there are huge populations in our country that rely on only one doctor, it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that what America needs is more doctors. Yet what we have are immigration policies that push immigrant physicians away from the very areas that need them the most.

via Time

Inspo of the Week:

Stopping Revenge Porn With More Women In Tech

Tech companies churn out new products hoping to change the world, but rarely do they stop to ask themselves “How will this affect women?” Well, maybe if more women were included in tech, that question wouldn’t go unconsidered. Millions are targets of revenge porn online, thanks in part to tech that isn’t designed with their safety in mind. In response, women in tech are stepping up as the heroes we need to protect us.

via Mic

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