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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Drunk History of Harriet Tubman

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God damn, I freed a thousand slaves.
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The week of October 3, 2015 was already making plans for Anthony Bourdain’s new food bonanza; pledging our love for Ina, forever; and guys. Old people learning how to twerk.

Also, Mark-Paul Gosselaar is Dutch and Indonesian and gorgeous. Who knew? But as the ever-wise MO said this week, “no boy is cute enough to keep you from getting an education.” Not even Zack Morris.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Asians to Surpass Latinos as Largest Immigrant Group in the U.S.

Immigrants make up 88% of population growth. By 2055, Asian Americans are expected to be 14% of the total population, up from 6%. Thankful that this article points out that “Asian” can mean a broad variety of ethnicities and languages. It’s a big continent, y’all.

via LA Times

Drunk History of Harriet Tubman’s Union Spying

Oh you know just a historically accurate and hilarious retelling of Harriet Tubman’s work in the Civil War. But seriously we learned so much. She was 5 feet tall. She freed at least 1000 slaves. We love you internet.

via Colorlines

Move Over, Dora. There’s a New Bilingual Girl on TV

“Nina’s World” stars Rita Moreno and Mandy Patinkin (!) and it’s about a 6-year-old Latina girl and her Mash-Up neighborhood.

via NPR

Hot Pockets: The Key to America

Dale Talde, a first-gen Filipino-American chef, talks about how Hot Pockets represented America to him growing up. Did you know “Hot Pocket” is a verb? And then he makes a fancy recipe for Hot Pockets which we are testing this weekend.

via Lucky Peach

Are Black Dating Apps Really Necessary?

There are Jewish dating apps, Christian dating apps and now a whole slew of Black dating apps. Worthwhile? Here’s a review.

via Fusion

From Cleaning Homes to Working at The Wall Street Journal

Oops we cried. A young first-gen Mexican-American, who used to help her mother clean homes, is now studying journalism at UT-Austin and interning at The Wall Street Journal. And she understands that all her fears pale in comparison to the risks her parents took for her.

via All Digitocracy

How Selena Captured a Continent

MAC Cosmetics is launching a line of make-up inspired by the original Selena, despite the fact that she died 20 years ago. We all love her because she reflected that mash-up life we are living with her English and Spanish language music. Also the music was dope.

via The Hairpin

Is Cultural Appropriation Always Wrong?

A thoughtful essay about how much of culture and language is naturally, and beautifully, appropriated from other cultures by nature of our exposure to those other cultures. It also can reflect our own naive projections onto those other cultures.

via NY Times

The Influx of Latinos at Historically Black Colleges

Both strategically and philosophically it makes sense that HBCUs are including more Latino students. A) The goal of HBCUs is to make excellent education available to oppressed minorities and B) The Latino population is growing, and these schools have to attract new applicants!

via The Atlantic

H&M Features its First Hijab-Wearing Model

She’s a babe. Also, the whole campaign is about doing you and being Mashy, so you all will enjoy.

via The Cut

ABC Mistakes Quantico Star Piryanka Chopra for Another Indian Actress …

Really? You couldn’t even just get the promo shot from the show to use? Instead you used a photo of another person?[Editor’s note: Reminding ourselves about last week and how we all look alike according to science]

via US Magazine

… While Joel Hale Tries to Figure Out Who Kunal Nayyar Actually Is

Well this was charming. Everyone always thinks the all the other Indian guys are the guy from the Big Bang Theory. They aren’t.

via Angry Asian Man

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