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Mash-Up Round-Up: Inspo For The Resistance

We are here for you.
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The week of August 19, 2017 was .. Lordt. We are piecing ourselves together after the shattering events of the past week. But no matter what, we see you, and we stand with you. And we want you to feel whole. How have you been taking care of yourselves, Mash-Ups?

Editor’s Note: This week, we’re sharing news that inspires us to keep fighting, and fighting hard. We’re with you all the way, fam.

1. Just Do It

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Took Down Confederate Monuments Overnight 

In 6 hours time, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was able to take down four Confederate statues in her city. She is a ladybawse who gets things done while caring for the safety and security of her people. Read this, too, as a reminder of why.

via Blavity

2. Show Up And Spread Joy

A Crowd Welcomes Immigrant Students On The First Day Of School

The school population of Latinos in this Memphis town experienced a jump from zero in the 1990s to 14,000 for the 2015-2016 school year. So the community decided to show up and let these new immigrants know they’re loved during an especially hard time of increasing ICE raids. Greeted with cheers, signs and high-fives, these kids received a much-needed warm welcome for the new school year. Consider our hearts melted.

via USA Today

3. Study Hard

Malala Yousafzai To Enroll At Oxford

Go Malala go! Malala Yousafzai has been campaigning for girls’ right to education for years because it can help girls turn into bright, strong women, aka Our Future. And now she is headed to Oxford to study philosophy, politics, and economics. Enlighten yourself, brighten your future, better your community.

via BBC

4. Just A Little Reminder…

Why CEOs Who Champion Diversity Win

There’s an extraordinarily strong business case for diversity, including higher stock prices and more innovative, better engagement with employees. Let’s all remember that always.

via Harvard Business Review

5. Get Ready For Winter (And Laugh)

IKEA Instructions For Making Game Of Thrones Capes

When the costume designer of GoT revealed that all the Northerners are wearing IKEA rugs as their fur capes, IKEA responded with a tutorial for you to make your own. Be resourceful! Be warm!

via Bored Panda

6. Celebrate Big Milestones

Teacher Throws An Epic Party For Kids In Charlottesville

This is pure joy. Only a mile away from the terrifying protests in Charlottesville, a group of African-American educators and community leaders threw an epic block party for kids. Kids received free haircuts from local barbers, back-to-school backpacks full of supplies were handed out and the community enjoyed music and games all day. Yes!

via Good

7. Write The Truth

When Jack Daniel’s Failed To Recognize A Slave, An Author Rewrote History 

Jack Daniel’s Distillery made headlines when they promised to correct their history and recognize Nearest Green’s role in teaching Jack Daniel how to distill whiskey. The author Fawn Weaver flew to Nashville, went on three tours and realized they hadn’t executed on their promise. So she decided to stay and fight. She collected more than 10,000 documents on Daniel and Green, located and bought the farm the two started distilling on, released her own whiskey named Uncle Nearest 1856 and more. L’chaim!

via New York Times

8. Dream Big and Feed People

Cooking with Samin

Look out for Samin Nosrat. She wants to become the Iranian-American Martha Stewart and we are here for this. In 2008, she had 3 goals: Go to Italy, publish a story, and start her first book. She exceeded all three. She released her first book, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat in April. She will film her first TV series later this year. And she taught Michael Pollan how to braise a pork shoulder on TV. Dream on.

via California Sunday

9. Play With Kids

Every Child Deserves The Right To Play 

This group of clowns goes to Syrian refugee camps and let kids be kids. Our future deserves joy. Simple as that.

via BBC

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