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Mash-Up Round-Up: Wellness Industry + Death Row Records

Which is more fluffy?
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We’re back! The week of January 11, 2020 was finding the fluffy resting place of Death Row Records; getting faded and watching Cats; celebrating the closure of our favorite Chinese restaurants; and declaring 2020 the year of the nightcap. Pop quiz: Were you “alternative” in the 90s? (Duh.)

The Wellness Industry Is Selling You A Lie

Wellbeing should be simple (eat vegetables, drink water, see people, do exercise, repeat), so how did Wellness™ become $35 spin classes, seaweed wraps, jade eggs, and athleisure wear? For 2020, being “well” should be available for everyone.

via The Guardian

How Long Will Australia Be Livable?

“Stay and defend, or leave early.” The future of Australia looks catastrophic. Choosing to stay means drastically changing our relationship with the environment, listening to indigenous leaders, and constantly worrying about tomorrow.

via The Atlantic

Prom Pictures Of Ukrainian Teens On The Verge Of An Uncertain Adulthood

2008 and 2019. These portraits of Ukrainian teenagers reflect the futures — of these teens, ourselves, and our countries — for our last decade and our next.

via New Yorker

Nearly A Quarter Of Americans Have Never Experienced The U.S. In A Time Of Peace

Last year, a new generation of Americans became eligible to serve in the conflict in Afghanistan, a war which began before they were born. For millions of Americans, being at war is more “normal” than peace.

via Washington Post

Just 700 Speak This Language (50 in The Same Brooklyn Building)

One mashy Brooklyn apartment and one of the world’s rarest languages. Seke is endangered and disappearing from unnatural causes, but it finds an unlikely home in Flatbush with the communities and families that keep it alive.

via New York Times

A Civil War In El Salvador Tore Them Apart. Their High School Reunion Brought Them Back Together

These former students were barely out of their teens when a devastating civil war ripped apart everything they knew, including each other. “Recordar es volver a vivir.” To remember is to live again.

via LA Times

Welcome To Swedish Death Cleaning

Canvas bags, political paraphernalia, casserole dishes, and bottomless mimosas. Welcome to the downsizing party, aka, Swedish Death Cleaning.

via Philadelphia Inquirer

“We Are A Big Family”: Meet The Woman Cooking Thousands Of Meals For Australian Bushfire Victims

35-year-old Sukhwinder Kaur and her small team of four have cooked thousands of meals for bushfire victims. Her impact and selflessness is impossible to overstate.

Support and donate.

via SBS

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