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Mash-Up Round-Up: A Love Affair with Rice Cookers

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For rice eaters everywhere.
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The week of March 26, 2016 was Boaty McBoatface; themost delightful birth story we’ve ever heard; and just scooting around DC with Polly Jean, NBD.

We have lost too many this week. We will remember.

RIP Phife. Hope you’re loving life above the rim.

RIP Garry. You were, indeed, so young.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Twitter Teaches Microsoft’s A.I. Chatbot to Be a Racist Jerkface

In this day and age, it’s nice to remember that humans are still smarter than robots. And also worse than robots…maybe? Microsoft was very proud of their new bot, which quickly got corrupted by the people.

via The Verge

How a Korean-Colombian Restaurant Became a Hub for L.A.’s Hip Hop Scene

Our dear friend Chino grew up a Korean kid in Colombia and now lives in LA. And, naturally, now he’s making his Korean-Colombian spot the center of hip hop.

via LA Weekly

An Ode to the Rice Cooker, the Smartest Kitchen Appliance

First of all, the simplest rice cookers are based in Aristotelian philosophy and math. Second of all, rice cookers are magic and we should all have them.

via Five Thirty Eight

Meet the Man Who Convinced Taye Diggs to Follow You on Twitter

If you didn’t know, the magnificent Taye Diggs probably follows you on Twitter. It’s considered one of the great mysteries of the internet. And now we hear from his social media guru: a middle-aged man in Long Island. Not quite Taye, but interesting nonetheless.

via GQ

When Chefs Become Famous Cooking Other Cultures’ Food

Who gets to cook what? What’s “authentic”? Why does it sometimes feel so annoying when someone starts to tout the benefits of something your family has been eating your whole life but then other times it fills you with enormous pride?

via NPR

“Resume Whitening” Helps Minorities Find Jobs

Researchers sent out resumes with “ethnic” names and “whitened” names. For Asian names, 21% of whitened resumes received callbacks, compared to 11% when names weren’t whitened. For Black names, 25% received callbacks compared to 10% when names weren’t whitened. Lots to learn about our unconscious bias!

via The Guardian

The Genetics of Schizophrenia

We talk a lot about how genetics and identity relate to each other (or don’t!) when it comes to food and love and all our other Mash-Up issues, but in this profound piece Siddhartha Mukherjee discusses the science behind schizophrenia and how it plays out in families.

via The New Yorker

Please Stop Writing Racist Restaurant Reviews

We generally love the Infatuation guys, but this time they maaaaybe got a little racist in a review of a Chinese restaurant, by which we mean definitely got racist.

via Eater

What It’s Like to Play Tinder in Rural America

In cities, we have a fantasy that there are so many places people can be that perhaps we just haven’t crossed paths with them yet. In small towns and rural areas, basically you know everyone. For that reason, it seems that dating apps in rural places are having the biggest successes within the Queer community, where there may be more of a need to go a little farther and dig a little deeper to find potential partners.

via Fusion

Here Comes the Modern Chinese Consumer

Chinese shoppers are buying more services and premium products rather than mass-market goods. They’re focused on travel, experiences and a balanced life. Are Chinese shoppers all Millennials?

via McKinsey

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