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Mash-Up Round-Up: How East and West Think

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It's cultural.
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Happy Year of the Rooster Y’all!

The week of January 28, 2017 was: late night texting with Barack Obama; men doing things while their ladies marched; and reading tutorials on non-monogamous relationships. Still don’t think it’s for us.

And of course! The cute animal tweet off. Much needed joy.

Mash-Ups in the News:

The U.S. Has More Immigrant Inventors Than Every Other Country Combined

Nearly 200,000 immigrants from 2000-2010 came to the U.S. with patents. We want to know more about all of the amazing things they invented! Also, can they invent a time machine for us?

via Quartz

How Julie Adenuga Became The Most Trusted Voice in U.K. Music

Nigerian-English Mash-Up Julie Adenuga is our entry point into all the excellent music being produced in the U.K. these days. She brings her Nigerian upbringing and values to everything she does. Yoruba ladies FTW.

via Fader

How East and West Think In Profoundly Different Ways

Ah! There is so much good stuff here! Apparently a vast majority of the subjects of psychology studies are from western democracies — 70% are American. But so much of how we approach problems/feelings/decision-making is based on cultural norms, not on a universal human truth. One key takeaway: Americans think very highly of themselves.

via BBC

Scientists Are Planning To Run For Office. Thanks GOP!

We’re no scientists but…we believe in science. Is anyone else imagining their 8th grade chemistry teacher with the high-waisted pants who accidentally singed his hair on the Bunsen burner as a senator? Seriously, though, we are pumped about politicians who use actual facts and not #alternative ones.

via The Atlantic

How 3D Printing Helps Blind Students Learn About Sex

Remember the old “condom on the banana” instruction in class, followed by the most boring and awkward video of all time and maybe some worksheets with drawings of genitalia? Well, 3D printing is helping the visually impaired feel their way through the same lessons. Not necessarily less awkward or terrible, but definitely more inclusive.

via Mashable

Texas Has Highest Maternal Mortality Rate In the Developed World

The maternal mortality rate in Texas seems to be directly related to the decimation of health services for women in that state. GO FIGURE.

via The Guardian

Trump: The Reader’s Guide

Did you know that George Orwell’s “1984” has been selling like hotcakes since Inauguration Day? We’re talking 10,000% increase in sales, top of Amazon charts hotcakes. Literature: The teacher we need to defeat tyranny.

via Wall Street Journal

Tel Aviv’s Little Manila

Filipino immigrants to Israel are a huge portion of the caregiving workforce in Israel. And as you can imagine, there is beautiful story of how they are bringing their cuisine along with their care.

via Roads and Kingdoms

Inspo of the Week

]Rogue National Park Accounts Emerge On Twitter Amid Social Media Gag Orders

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