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Mash-Up Round-Up: Italian Astronauts Make Espresso, You Eat Uzbek Food

Coffee, garlic, vinegar. Life staples.
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The week of July 14, 2014 was: contemplating the new food innovations at the upcoming Wisconsin State Fair (Sriracha chicken bits on a stick, anyone?); wishing we had yellow cards for life; and wedding watching in Brooklyn. (Amy does this nearly every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Quinceañera watching is equally delightful.)

Mash-Ups in the News:

What It Takes to Make a Decent Cup of Coffee in Space

In other coffee news, Italian astronauts can now drink espresso in space because it’s important. We appreciate having your priorities straight.

via NPR

Giving Uzbek Food Some Beach Flair

We are fantasizing about surfing and eating Uzbek food, mostly because it has tons of garlic and vinegar.

via NY Times

Recreating the World’s Food With Just 3 Spices 

At The Mash-Up Americans we are interested in nuance, and the ingredients that make each of us so special. Sometimes, though, you really can distill it to the basics. Bengal is cumin, coriander and turmeric. East Africa is obviously fenugreek, clove and cinnamon.

via Fine Dining Lovers

We Are All Pawns: A Comedian’s Guide to Colonization, Thru Chess Metaphors

Comparing the Garden of Eden to the Jungle Book. Classic move.

via Hari Kondabolu

A Muslim Girl Who Wears the Hijab Draws Herself as Comic Book Characters

If you don’t see yourself being reflected in the world, sometimes you have to do it yourself. Plus, she’s not wrong that Wonder Woman could use a little more armor to protect herself.

via Women You Should Know

How is America Changing? Look at These Kindergartners

Latino children make up at least 20 percent of kindergartners in 17 states. This number has more than doubled since 2000.

via Fusion

What Immigrants Do for the Land of Aloha

Immigrants bring many monies to Hawaii, the mashiest state of all.

via Civil Beat

Starbucks Thinks It’s “Friendly” for Korean Employees to Have English Nicknames

In Korea it seems that Starbucks employees choose English nicknames (“Candy”) to avoid being called by their title (“Manager”). Our Starbucks name is now Bean.

via Slate

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